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June 23, 2008

Homosexuals will harm the Military

Filed under: civil rights/duties, court, homo-, laws, Military, otb — Rosemary Welch @ 9:25 pm

Now that homosexuals have won in the courts in California and Massachusetts, not through the legislative process which they continually fail to win, these states have claimed they must abide by the court’s orders to ‘marry’ same-sex people. Beside this being preposterous, it has the potential to do much harm to our Military.

Number one, the people – no one else – determine which powers the judicial, the legislatures, and the governors and president may encroach upon us as predetermined as necessary to run the country. They cannot just run over us whimsy-nilly anyway they desire, and the courts are about to reach the precipice. Now they are demanding we allow the minority rule (3%) over the majority? Since when when?

How does this harm the our Mililtary? If a person joins the Military as a single man or woman, then they ‘marry’ someone of the same sex but does not tell anyone (don’t ask, don’t tell), won’t the Military be obligated to pay for this person’s spouse? What if they adopt a child? Won’t we have to give them child allowances? What about divorces? Who gets custody? What if the spouse goes into the hospital? Won’t they get leave to visit?

After this goes on for a while, do you really believe that – even though they are less than 3 percent of the population – they demand equal treatment under the LAW? WHAT LAW??? See, this is where the problem arises.

In the year 2000 in California, voters sent a huge message that MARRIAGE is between one man and one woman. Period. The most liberal state, yet they know that deep down it is in the best interest for all children and society as a whole that marriage was, is, and always will be the best foundation for American society. Our LAWS demand that MARRIAGE is between one man and one woman.

This has not been changed through the legislature nor by the voters. As a matter of fact, we already have enough signatures to have this on the ballot again in November, only this time as a Constitutional Amendment.

You would think the court would consider the trauma to the people who think they are ‘married’ but come to find out WE MEANT OUR VOTES. But no, they decided to go ahead and let them do this atrocity. I call it this an atrocity because it will surely destroy some people’s hearts to find out, once again, that the rest of America may not care what you do in private, but we are not going to let you redefine marriage.

To impose this court ruling upon our Military will only change our Military to have less and less men and more homosexuals. I cannot watch a tv program that doesn’t have a homosexual in it. Do you remember what happened with the Catholic Church scandals? Is that what you want from our Military? Or would you rather say, ‘Forget political correctness, I’d rather stay alive.’? I know what side of this issue I come down on.

I believe the Military has it right. There has to be rules of conduct and regulations on certain behaviors. Otherwise, we may lose everything and the first to be persected would be the same people who are the ones fighting so hard to make it so. It is a sad state of affairs. Just ask the people in Iran.

One more tiny little thing. What about MY rights? Am I to be scorned because I believe in God? Do my rights and beliefs not matter because somehow you disagree with me? Then go for it, I will not take you to court over it. The most I will do is pray for you. Whatever happened to live and let live? God help us all.


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April 6, 2008

Good on you, Sarkozy!

Filed under: Asia, civil rights/duties, France, olympics, President, USA — Rosemary Welch @ 11:45 pm

Today French President Sarkozy has put pressure on China to open up or else…

BEIJING — French President Nicholas Sarkozy stepped up the pressure on China Saturday over its handling of the Tibet crisis by warning he may boycott the Olympic opening, following fresh violence.

Sarkozy’s warning, delivered by one of his ministers in the Le Monde newspaper, also came shortly after China said it would step up a controversial “education” campaign for Tibetans in an effort to end nearly a month of unrest.

Sarkozy will only attend the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony if China opens dialogue with exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and frees political prisoners, French Secretary of State for Human Rights Rama Yade said. [Continue reading.]

Now if only we had a state department and an administration that understood that ‘peace at all costs’ and ‘money is the end all to beat all’ is NOT good for human rights and societies as a whole, we may be a better people and a better country.

Shame on you, President Bush. Saying you will go to the opening ceremonies no matter what is NOT very democratic. You could have at least made the comment that President Sarkozy has made. He is at least reconsidering. China is sweating in the pants, and you? You are probably eating Chinese food and continuing to ignore all the world as we cry with the Chinese people for freedom.

You have disappointed me again. What next? A statue of Mao on the White House lawn?

Source: NewsMax.

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February 6, 2008

Racist gun bans

Filed under: civil rights/duties, racism, SCOTUS, Slavery, weapons — Rosemary Welch @ 1:36 pm

Starting almost at the beginning our country’s history, there has been an effort to disarm the black man and his family. It paid no mind to whether they were free or slave men. This is one of the most onerous secrets that pervades society ’til today, to the point where blacks believe in gun-control. Study your history, men!

Of course the one case cited most frequently, though you would never know it, is that awful Dred Scott v. Sandford decision by the SCOTUS in the year 1857. This is the Republican reaction to the decision, this is the Democrat reaction.

Okay, so you do not see a cooralation between the Dred Scott decision and guns? Understandable. That is why I have included this information. To advance this train of historical facts, I have come across this site: The Racist Origins of US Gun Control, by Steve Ekwall. (Hat tip: This article has dates, places, reasonings, and some court titles. It is about the reasoning coming out of the Dred Scott decision. Since slaves or free black men cannot be citizens, they are not entitled to the same rights as citizens under the constitution and the bill of rights. The Bill of Rights, you say? Yes, the Second Amendment!

Because they were declared non-citizens, they were not entitled to own guns. I can only imagine how many precious, beautiful people would have been spared from those racist KKK (Byrd) types if they had only had the opportunity to defend themselves…please. Read up on your history. Gun control is one of the ways they had to force you into ‘slavery’ for the government. Free yourelves, men and women. Once and for all. May God bless your every peaceful effort.
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December 31, 2007

News from Radio Free Asia

Filed under: Asia, civil rights/duties, drugs, land theft, Slavery, Women — Rosemary Welch @ 1:47 am

I have a few articles for you today that should be brought to the attention of the world outside of China. The fight for civil rights is alive and well in China, but we hear little of this. It truly is a fight, because people are imprisoned when they get caught. While in prison, they are beaten badly.

This first article is about a man whose only crime was he saw the humanity in each person. For this, they threw him in prison where he was beaten.

Chinese Rights Lawyer Beaten, Staging Hunger Strike in Prison.
December 28, 2007.

HONG KONG–Prominent Chinese civil rights lawyer Guo Feixiong has been beaten in prison and is now on the fifteenth day of a hunger strike, his wife and sister have told Radio Free Asia (RFA).


“He told me he was beaten for a long time. The prisoner stopped beating him only when the onlookers began to boo and shush to express their displeasure. In the process of the beating, he fell from the stairs, about two meters,” Zhang said.

Guo Feixiong, the professional name of Yang Maodong, is serving a five-year sentence for conducting illegal business activities, after publishing a book about a political scandal and helping villagers lead a campaign to oust local officials accused of corruption. [Continue reading.]

There is also, in this article, news about his hunger strike, “Official says beating ‘impossible'” and international attention. Please read this article. Learn about China. You may think you know why you don’t like China, but find out how the people who live there are living. It may open your eyes to these claims of ‘free trade’.

I am a fair trader, not a free trader. Remember, there is NO SUCH THING as a free lunch. Just something to ponder.

Now onto some other links:

There are many issues in this post that need broader attention. Slavery? Rape? Permanent most favored nation??? I think NOT!

I may not write another open trackback tomorrow, but we’ll see. I have to catch up with my military posts, so maybe I will make a post out them. I’ll give you the title and a little about the article. That’s if I do it. I’m still waiting for that phone call from across this land mass…so have a Happy New Year, I pray for many blessings to all of you, and post what you will. Just make sure you add a link back to me and include me in your post. Also, no porn. This is Rosemary signing off for now.

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December 1, 2007

4-2 Stryker Brigade expands into all of Diyala province

Filed under: AQ, CentCom, civil rights/duties, ME, security — Rosemary Welch @ 11:07 pm

Source: CentCom.

09 November 2007
Multi-National Division – North PAO
4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division PAO

BAQOUBA, Iraq – The 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division from Fort Lewis, Wash., is in the process of expanding its area of responsibility to include all of Diyala province, Iraq.

The brigade is taking over the area of operations currently held by 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, which has begun redeploying back to its home station at Fort Hood, Texas. 4-2 will continue to own much of its current battle space, which includes northern Baghdad province and western Diyala province.

“Because the security situation here (northern Baghdad province) and in Diyala province has improved, we are effectively able to expand our area of influence from Baghdad up through Diyala,” explained Col. Jon Lehr, 4-2 commander.

The Stryker brigade’s new area of operations includes the strategically important city of Baqouba. Al-Qaida in Iraq considers the city of approximately 300,000 as the capitol of the Islamic State of Iraq.

This summer, 4-2 SBCT units supported successful operations to clear AQI from Baqouba, and U.S. officials now estimate that AQI has been degraded by 80 percent in the area.

“Baqouba has so much importance to the enemy, and it is critical that we hold onto Baqouba,” said Command Sgt Maj. John Troxell, 4-2 SBCT’s top noncommissioned officer, during a recon of the city Nov. 5 and 6. “We want to continue to empower Iraqi Security Forces and Concerned Local Citizens so that the threat of AQI and other insurgent groups coming back into this area are very minimal.”

Concerned Local Citizen is the term given by Coalition Forces for local nationals who are providing security in their own areas, including guarding neighborhoods and buildings and manning checkpoints. The U.S.-supported volunteers number more than 67,000 nationwide, according to military officials, and they play a crucial role in providing peace and security throughout 4-2’s expanded area of operations.

“You can’t over stress the importance of CLCs,” Lehr said. The intent is to find groups of people willing to prevent insurgent extremists from attacking local citizens, with the aim of eventually transitioning these men to legitimate institutions within the Iraqi government, turning them into Iraqi Security Forces, both police and Iraqi army. There may be certain individuals that go beyond being able to do that because there is just too much blood on their hands, but I am willing to work with any group that comes forward with true reconciliation on their mind – someone that says I am not resisting the efforts of coalition forces and the government of Iraq to make Iraq a stable, sovereign nation.”

Lehr outlined some of the new challenges that come with expanding into a new area, including increased geographic responsibility, working with Iraqi Security Forces and additional infrastructure rebuilding needs.

“When you think of operating on a piece of ground the size of Maryland, that really paints a good word picture of just the physical difficulties of expanding,” Lehr said.

“Unlike our current AO where we have very little influence over Iraqi Security Forces … we will have an entire Iraqi Army Division that we will have the ability to shape and influence, and that’s a good challenge,” Lehr continued, adding, “The third challenge is the condition of the infrastructure, meaning essential services throughout Diyala province.”

Before Baqouba and the surrounding area was cleared of insurgents this past summer, essential services were relatively austere compared to the neighboring Baghdad province in which 4-2 currently operates.

The brigade is gaining several new enablers to help with those challenges, including the State Department’s Diyala Provincial Reconstruction Team, the 4-2’s Embedded Provincial Reconstruction Team and essential services teams.

The brigade is also in the process of fielding new Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles to replace its up-armored HMMWVs. The MRAP has a V-shaped hull designed to better protect passengers against improvised explosive devices and ballistic threats.

Lehr stressed that the overall strategy of conducting successful counter-insurgency operations will not change with the expanded battle space.

“Being a counterinsurgent is akin to being a police officer and how a police officer conducts community policing,” Lehr said. “This type of fight requires different skills sets beyond tactical and technical. It requires interpersonal and conceptual skill sets, to understand that along with the lethal operations, diplomacy is what we do down to the lowest level. I think our units across the board have done exceptionally well at this.”

The expanded area of operations marks the first time that 4-2 SBCT will be together as a whole unit since before its deployment in April. Two of the brigade’s battalions, 1-38th Infantry Regiment and 2-23rd Infantry Regiment, have been attached to other units, first in Baghdad and now in Diyala.

“When you organize, equip and train as a brigade combat team and then get in combat and get pulled apart, it hurts,” Troxell said, “but when you get it back together, it feels great. I know our Soldiers are great fighters, and as a team we will be successful.”

Photo – Command Sgt. Maj. John Troxell, the top noncommissioned officer of the 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division from Fort Lewis, Wash., speaks to Soldiers of Company C, 1st Battalion, 38th Infantry Regiment Nov. 5 in Baqouba, Iraq . The brigade is in the process of expanding into Diyala province. U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Russell Bassett.

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November 5, 2007

Rakkasans Assist Iraqis With Legal Claims

Filed under: CentCom, civil rights/duties, Gov't, ME — Rosemary Welch @ 9:20 am

Source: US CentCom.

31 October 2007
by Sgt. 1st Class Kerensa Hardy
3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division

CAMP STRIKER, Iraq – The nondescript building at the Radwaniyah Palace Complex Civil Military Operations Center appears unassuming, but the Government Information Center represents a beacon of hope for some Iraqis. While the GIC provides several services, one of the most invaluable for local residents is the paying of legal claims.

With the Commandos of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), on their way back home, this is just one of many missions the Rakkasans of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division have taken over.

“(Local Iraqis) come in with all kinds of complaints,” said Huda, the GIC administrator, who also translates between the Iraqis and the U.S. Soldiers processing the claims. Huda and Faik, the Iraqi attorney who works at the GIC, do most of the claim work.

“(People) come in with requests to be paid for damages, and I help (file) new claims,” Huda said. Faik determines whether or not a claim is legitimate. He and Huda prepare the paperwork and collect the evidence required to prove that the claim is valid. The 3rd BCT legal office personnel determine whether or not the United States is actually responsible for damages and whether or not the claimant will be paid.

“Sometimes it is not for the United States to pay; it is the fault of an explosion by terrorists,” Huda explained, adding over the 2.5 years she has worked at the GIC there have been months when less than half the claims are found to be legitimate. When Faik deems the claims valid, the packets are forwarded to the 3rd BCT legal office for a final review and payment.

“By the time it gets to me, it’s already been determined that the claim is legal,” said Sgt. 1st Class Patrick Williams, from Tampa, Fla., senior 3rd BCT, 101st Abn. Div., paralegal and foreign claims pay agent. He actually makes the payments to the claimants.

“My job is both good and bad,” Williams said. “Obviously, I pay money when the damages were caused by the United States. But at the same time, when a claim is denied, I have to explain that the United States is not going to pay.”

The CMOC is a blessing for some Iraqis, Huda said. She said now the Iraqis feel that they have a means to get assistance. “It’s very great for them and they are grateful for it.” She added, “I like to help; it is good for me because I help the (Iraqi) people and the U.S. Army.”

Photo- Faik, an Iraqi attorney who processes claims at the Radwaniyah Palace Complex Civil Military Operations Center Government Information Center, discusses a new claim with Capt. Jonathan Gross, from New York City, claims adjudicator with the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division. Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Kerensa Hardy.

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August 22, 2007

ACLU & Anti-semitism

Filed under: aclu, anti-semitic, civil rights/duties, hatred, otb — Rosemary Welch @ 3:42 am

I was reading an e-mail a dear friend of mine sent today, and I can’t really say I’m stunned. Outraged? If it were any other group, yes, but I know these commie b*st*rds. I will let you judge for yourselves:


Dear Jewish Advocate,

On Monday, June 11th, I requested legal assistance from the ACLU; a request that has been denied for what I can only conclude are anti-Semitic reasons.

The violation of my civil rights occurred on the previous Friday when Boston Police Sargent Owens, badge 284, threatened to arrest me for not having a permit and sitting while protesting and educating passerbys about the Episcopal Church’s anti-Semitic peace and justice agenda. I was conducting this educational effort in front of the Massachusetts Episcopal Bishop’s offices at 136 Tremont Street across from the Park Street subway station. The Episcopal Church has given Sabeel’s Rev. Naim Ateek – who characterized Israel’s attempts to defend itself as a crucifixion system – an award for peace making. The several Israel-Palestinian awareness events that I have attended at Boston area Episcopal Church’s have all been Israel and Jew-bashing events.

Today, Tuesday, August 21st, David Kelly, the ACLU intake specialist handling my request, informed me in person that the ACLU does not represent individuals – a totally bogus reason – and would not even chat with Sgt Owens about my constitutional right to free speech. I can only conclude that the ACLU has denied my request for anti-Semitic reasons. The ACLU’s defense of Nazis is well known; and if I were a Moslem, and not an Evangelical Christian confronting Liberal Christian anti-Semitism, the ACLU would have jumped at the chance to help me. Anti-Semitic is as anti-Semitic does.

The ACLU has progressed beyond what even progressive Jews should tolerate. Please think twice about contributing financially to the ACLU.


Mark Nystedt.

I could not have described it better. Thank you, Gregg.

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  • July 25, 2007

    Great Iranian Blogger reveals CAIR wannabe’s

    Filed under: Bloggers, civil rights/duties, SW Asia, terrorists/ism — Rosemary Welch @ 9:36 pm

    This is horrendous. If there is hunger in the world? Blame America. If there is a flood in the world? Blame America. If there is torture, stoning, raping, murder, or any other criminal offence in Iran? Blame America?!

    Serendip has written a very worthy and timely article about the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). They are supposedly a human rights group, but Iran has used this trick before. They know what will move public opinion, unlike some people we know, and they use it against us.

    Who could say human rights is not a good cause? From these people? ME! How dare they come onto our soil, go into our Congress, and try to persuade them to relieve Iran from the sanctions. Do you know why? BECAUSE THE SANCTIONS ARE WORKING!

    Please stop over at Serendip’s blog, and read about this. They are as bad as CAIR, if not worse. We must be louder and more active than these make believe groups. They are not civil rights groups. They are beholden to the Ayatollah Khomeini. Don’t ever forget that.

    July 13, 2007

    Shrek’s Mom asks for Courage

    Filed under: civil rights/duties, congress, sen, Troops — Rosemary Welch @ 5:31 am

    Cross-posted at DoD Daily News-2.

    This is an email I received. Without further ado, please read it. It is from Shrek’s Mom.

    Families United Call to Action – United for a Strong America!

    Your Voice needs to be heard today! You’ve seen the news today. General Petraeus presented to the President his PRELIMINARY Report. The congressional leadership are referring to it as done/final and are again discussing legislation aimed at undermining our Troops while they are in harms way – protecting us! They are discussing bringing them home – before they complete their mission.

    They are discussing ways to weaken our country by weakening our military – tying their hands when they’ve been asked to do a job that they are succeeding at! The surge is finally at it’s full strength and some leaders are saying it has failed – without ever giving it a chance to succeed! I don’t know about you but this feels like they are aiding the enemy! In fact – this is exactly what the enemy wants!

    Is that what you want? Is that the future you want for your children and grandchildren? Is that what your son/daughter/spouse/mom/dad/neighbor fought for? In Iraq … Afghanistan … Vietnam … Korea … WWII?

    I didn’t think so. Now – today is the day to do something about it. Please take a few moments today to email or call your congressional leaders and let them know where you stand and that you need them to work and speak out for victory in Iraq, that you expect them to provide the Troops with the funds they need to be successful on the war on terror, and they need to start standing United for a Strong America! Continue reading at DoD Daily News-2.

    Merrilee Carlson, Chair
    Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission
    Shrek’s mom

    America – Home of the Free because of the Brave!

    I hope many of you will heed her wishes. This is our country and our countrymen who are in danger, whether or not they realize it. These men and women are giving up everything so that we may preserve that which is here at home. What is the sense in fighting if you have no home to come back to after all is said done?

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    June 27, 2007

    Speak their language

    Filed under: civil rights/duties, illegal aliens, pols, President, sen, Video — Rosemary Welch @ 5:05 am

    So, they want illegal aliens to move ahead of all the people waiting for years to come here, but they did it the proper way, eh? Do you feel as though there is nothing you can do? Do not fret!

    I want to hear those phones a’ringing! Go get ’em, guys. We’ll bring them to their knees. When they come with hands out this time, you know exactly what to do. Hand them the name of this bill, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, in the size of a check!

    Hat tip: Bryan from HotAir.

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