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June 24, 2008

Alert: MAF Web-o-thon for the Troops!

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This Thursday there is going to be a wonderful 8 hours web-o-thon which will be streamlined live so that we may all participate in it. Move America Forward is doing a marvelous job of gathering everyone together, and I look forward to having each of you drop in for just a while.

The Eagles UP! and their blog, Talon, are also participating in this telethon. We would like to contribute to our men and women in the Armed Forces by sending them care packages. I know I do not want them to believe we have forgotten them or that they are unloved. No, not happening under my watch!

I love what Mike is going to do, starting June 18, 2008. He has started matching each donation by 10% of his own money. Isn’t he an angel? I think this is a wonderful idea. If you would like to help to help our Servemembers, please donate at the link for MAF at Eagles UP! so that we may help the amount blow the newspapers, congresspeople, and just everyone out of the pond.

As Melanie has reminded (again), we may think we are having a bad hair day, but can you imagine insignificant that would seem if we lived in Iraq, Iran, etc? How about the heat of 125-135 degrees with full gear on? Would you care to trade places? I know I’m very grateful to them for protecting our country, our lives, and their families and themselves. This is why we should be on the front lines caring for them. Because we want to.

The LiveStream will be located at UStream.TV. This will be on Thursday, June 26, and for more information please go here. Michelle Malkin will also be there, so we will have a double treat!

Here are a few articles that have been written and/or taken notice: The Sacramento Union: Special ‘Support the Troops’ Telethon June 26, The Radio Equalizer: A UNITED FRONT, Michelle Malkin: Six more days ’til the From the Frontlines web-a-thon, Radio & Records: More Support For All-Star Troop Benefit and HotAir: Hot Air TV alert: From the Frontlines web-a-thon, June 26.

The name of the Telethon is “From The Frontlines”.

On June 26, from 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific to 12midnight Eastern/9pm Pacific, Melanie and I will be anchoring a livestreamed, 8-hour fund-raising “web-a-thon” to send the largest number of care packages to our troops overseas in U.S. history. We’ve got a star-studded line-up participating in this effort to support our military, including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Dr Laura Schlessinger, Ollie North, Monica Crowley, Ann Coulter, Nancy Reagan, actor Kelsey Grammer, and Five for Fighting’s John Ondrasik. You’ll be able to tune it at Hot Air and on UStream, embed the broadcast on your own blogs, and even catch some of the show on your radio dial if you’re lucky to be in the listening area of a radio station partner. [Hat tip: Hot Air]

I pray I happen to have one of those radio stations which is close enough so I may be listen to it live! Wow! Have a great day.

PS. Melanie has already raised close to $250,000. We are trying to a goal of $500,000. Please help us. We want to show those *ahem* ‘people’ in Washington what it’s like to actually SUPPORT THE TROOPS. Thanks.

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June 20, 2008

A New Post

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Remember when I informed you that ‘my’ Soldier was home? Then I told you that he emailed me to tell me he would have a post up soon? Well, it’s here, and it was worth waiting for! First Conop To Bagram; Meeting LTC SFowski. It is quite long and informative, but it does not cross any security barriers.

He writes so eloquently and it just brings me into the scenery, the smells, the fields, the tension, the eeriness. Maybe this is why I felt more close to this Soldier? Whichever the reason, this is a very fine post, and I highly recommend it to people who have never served. It may give you a small sense of what our brave men are doing for us. I also recommend it for our brave men and women. They will be able to relate to him, and I would very much appreciate it if you would give him some words of encouragement. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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June 14, 2008

He e-mailed me!

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I am so happy (even though this is a sad day due to Tim Russert’s sudden passing), because yesterday my Soldier e-mailed me. He is doing well, and he will be posting again soon. Here is his site: Bill and Bob’s Excellent Afghan Adventure. Until he writes his next post, you may be interested in this one: Where Is Osama? (Very good!) Please visit him and give him some of that great encouragement I know you have. 😉 Thank you, and have a great weekend.

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June 9, 2008

‘America Under Attack’

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This is a repost from Mike Meehan, ETCM(SS) USNR (Retired), Webmaster whose website is Mike’s Good Ones (music included). I find the time appropriate, and the message essential. Please get a cup of Joe, and take the time to read it. If Kerry’s name appears, please replace it with Sen. Obama and see if it does not still apply. Thank you, and have a great day.

America Under Attack

Our great country is under attack. This essay has the best explanation I have read for what we as a nation are going through right now. Please read this and pass this one on to all you know. Mike Meehan – Webmaster.

Larry Abraham

I urge all of my readers to make copies of this report and send them to your friends and relatives. The information is too critical to be overlooked in the madness of this election year.

Part I of this essay was written in January [2004] before the Democrat Party primaries settled anything and before the occupation of Iraq took a turn for the worse. However, it is now more obvious that what I wrote about the nature of the Third Great Jihad is all too true. The political picture has deteriorated in Europe and the U.S .to a great degree since then so Part II takes these developments into consideration. Again, I urge all of you to distribute this essay as far and wide as possible without any concern for copyright violation. Our fellow citizens need to know the true nature of what we all face. LHA.

As we watch and listen to all the Democrat Party candidates running for the nomination of their party, it is tantamount to enduring the Chinese water torture. The blah, blah, blah goes on and nothing of value comes out except the pain of listening to the same nothingness over and over again. I won’t take the time or space to repeat what you have heard so many, mind numbing times over the past months but what you have not heard is crucial.

I must also fault President Bush and the administration spokesmen for not telling the American people what they really need to know about this “war”. If they don’t do that sometime between now and November it may cost them the election.

It Did Not Start on 9/11.

The war we are now facing did not begin on September 11, 2001, nor will it end with the peaceful transition to civilian authorities in Iraq, whenever that may be. In fact, Iraq is but a footnote in the bigger context of this encounter, but an important one none the less.

This war is what the Jihadists themselves are calling the “ Third Great Jihad” and are doing so within the framework of a time line which reaches back to the very creation of Islam in the Seventh century and their attempts to recreate the dynamics which gave rise to the religion in the first two hundred years of its existence.

No religion in history grew as fast, in its infancy, than did Islam and the reasons for this growth are not hard to explain when you understand what the world was like at the time of Muhammad’s death in 632 AD. The Western Roman Empire was in ruins and the Eastern Empire was based in Constantinople and trying desperately to keep the power of its early grandeur while transitioning to Christianity as a de facto state religion. The costs to the average person were unbearable as he was being required to meet the constantly rising taxes levied from the state along with the tithes coerced by the Church. What Islam offered was the “carrot or the sword”.

If you became a convert, your taxes were immediately eliminated, as was your tithe. If you didn’t, you faced death. The choice was not hard for most to make, unless you were a very devoted martyr in the making. At the beginning, even the theology was not too hard for most to swallow, considering that both Jewry and Christianity were given their due by the Prophet. There is but one God-Allah, and Muhammad is His Prophet, as was Jesus, and the pre-Christian Jewish prophets of the Torah (old testament). Both were called “children of the book”, the book being the Koran, which replaced both the Old and New testaments for Christians and Jews.

With this practical approach to spreading the “word” Islam grew like wild fire, reaching out from the Saudi Arabian Peninsula in all directions. This early growth is what the Muslims call the “first” great Jihad and it met with little resistance until Charles Martel of France, the father of Charlemagne, stopped them in the battle of Tours in France, after they had firmly established the religion on the Iberian peninsula. This first onslaught against the West continued in various forms and at various times until Islam was finally driven out of Spain in 1492 at the battle of Granada.

The “second great jihad” came with the Ottoman Turks. This empire succeeded in bringing about the downfall of Constantinople as a Christian stronghold and an end to Roman hegemony in all of its forms. The Ottoman Empire was Islam’s most successful expansion of territory even though the religion itself had fractured into warring sects and bitter rivalries with each claiming the ultimate truths in “the ways of the Prophet”. By 1683 the Ottomans had suffered a series of defeats on both land and sea and the final and failed attempt to capture Vienna set the stage for the collapse of any further territorial ambitions and Islam shrunk into various sheikhdoms, emir dominated principalities, and roving tribes of nomads. However, by this time a growing anti-western sentiment, blaming its internal failures on anyone but themselves, was taking hold and setting the stage for a new revival know has Wahhabism which came into full bloom under the House of Saud on the Arabian peninsula shortly before the onset of WWI. It is this Wahhabi version of Islam which has infected the religion itself, now finding adherents in almost all branches and sects, especially the Shiites. What this sect calls for is the complete and total rejection of anything and everything which is not based in the original teachings of The Prophet and it finds its most glaring practice in the policies of the Afgani Taliban or the Shiite practices of the late Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. Its Ali Pasha (Field Marshall) is now known as Osama bin Laden, the leader of the “third Jihad”.

Jimmy Carter sets the stage. (Still…)

The strategy for this “holy war” did not begin with the planning of the destruction of the World Trade Center. It began with the plans for toppling the Shah of Iran back in the early 1970’s and culminated with his exile in 1979. With his plans and programs to “westernize” his country, along with his close ties to the U.S. and subdued acceptance of the State of Israel, the Shah was the soft target.

Thanks, in large part to the hypocritical and disastrous policies of the Jimmy Carter State Department the revolution was set into motion, the Shah was deposed, his armed forces scattered or murdered and stage one was complete. The Third Jihad now had a base of operations and the oil wealth to support its grand design or what they call the “Great Caliphate”.

The Great Caliphate.

What this design calls for is the replacement of all secular leadership in any country with Muslim majorities. This would include, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, all the Emirates, Sudan, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and finally what they call the “occupied territory” Israel.

As a part of this strategy, forces of the jihad will infiltrate governments and the military as a prelude to taking control, once the secular leadership is ousted or assassinated. Such was the case in Lebanon leading to the Syrian occupation and what was attempted in Egypt with the murder of Anwar Sadat, along with the multiple attempts on the lives of Hussein in Jordan, Mubarak of Egypt and Musharraf in Pakistan. Pakistan is a particular prize because of its nuclear weapons.

The long-range strategy of the Third Jihad counts on three strategic goals. 1. The U.S. withdrawing from the region just as it did in Southeast Asia, following Vietnam. 2. Taking control of the oil wealth in the Muslim countries, which would be upwards to 75% of known reserves, and 3. Using nuclear weapons or other WMDs to annihilate Israel. A further outcome of successfully achieving these objectives would be to place the United Nations as the sole arbiter in East/West negotiations.

Evidence of the Bush Administration awareness of this plan is found in the facts that immediately following the 9/11 attack, their first move was to shore up Pakistan and Egypt, believing that these two would be the next targets for al Qaeda while Americans focused on the disaster in New York. The administration also knew that the most important objective was to send a loud and clear message that the U.S. was in the region to stay, not only to shore up our allies but to send a message to the Jihadists. The attack on Afghanistan was necessary to break-up a secure al Qaeda base of operations and put their leadership on the run or in prison.

Why Iraq?

The war on Iraq also met a very strategic necessity in that no one knew how much collaboration existed between Saddam Hussein and the master planners of the Third Jihad or his willingness to hand off WMDs to terrorist groups including the PLO in Israel. What was known, were serious indications of on-going collaboration, as Saddam funneled money to families of suicide bombers attacking the Israelis and others in Kuwait.

What the U.S. needed to establish was a significant base of operations smack dab in the middle of the Islamic world, in a location which effectively cut it in half. Iraq was the ideal target for this and a host of other strategic reasons.

Leadership of various anti-American groups both here and abroad understood the vital nature of the Bush initiative and thus launched their demonstrations, world-wide, to “Stop The War”. Failing this, they also laid plans to build a political campaign inside the country, with the War in Iraq as a plebiscite, using a little know politician as the thrust point; Howard Dean. This helps to explain how quickly the Radical Left moved into the Dean campaign with both people and money, creating what the clueless media called the “Dean Phenomenon”.

By building on the left-wing base in the Democrat party and the “Hate Bush” liberals, the campaign has already resulted in a consensus among the aspirants, minus Joe Lieberman, to withdraw the U.S. from Iraq and turn the operation over to the U.N. And, if past is prologue, i.e. Vietnam, once the U.S. leaves it will not go back under any circumstances, possibly even the destruction of Israel.

Should George W. Bush be defeated in November and a new administration come to power we could expect to see the dominoes start to fall in the secular Islamic countries and The Clash of Civilizations would then become a life changing event in all of our lives.

What surprised the Jihadists following the 9/11 attack was how American sentiment mobilized around the president and a profound sense of patriotism spread across the country They were not expecting this reaction, based on what had happened in the past, nor were they expecting the determined resolve of the President himself. I believe that this is one of the reasons we have not had any further attacks within our borders. They are content to wait, just as one of their tactical mentors, V.I. Lenin admonished…”two steps forward, one step back”.

A couple of additional events serve as valuable footnotes to the current circumstances we face: the destruction of the human assets factor of the CIA during the Carter presidency, presided over by the late Senator Frank Church and Carter’s CIA Director, Admiral Stansfield Turner. This fact has plagued our intelligence agencies right up to this very day with consequences which are now obvious. Jimmy Carter is the one man who must bear the bulk of the responsibility for setting the stage of the Third Jihad. Americans should find little comfort in how the Democrat contenders constantly seek the “advice and counsel” of this despicable little hypocrite who now prances around with his Nobel Prize, while attacking President Bush with almost as much venom as his fellow Nobel Laureate, Yassir Arafat.

Lastly, we should not expect to see any meaningful cooperation from Western Europe, especially the French.

Since failing to protect their own interests in Algeria by turning the country over to the first of the Arab terrorists, Amid Ben Bella, the country itself is now occupied by Islamic immigrants totally twenty percent of the population.

We are in the battle of our lives which will go on for many years possibly even generations. If we fail to understand what we are facing or falter in the challenge of “knowing our enemy” the results will be catastrophic.

PART II (May 1, 2004).

Since writing the above, we have witnessed some frightening evidence in support of our hypothesis both internally and in other parts of the world.

The al Qaeda bombing in Madrid has emboldened our enemy into believing it can use terror as an instrument for democratic regime change. Based on what happened there, they may be right.

Kerry and bin Laden on the same page (Remember who was the keynote speaker? That’s right. Obama.).

John Kerry and other leaders of his party constantly refer to the United States as “acting unilaterally.” They give no credit whatsoever to countries like Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Australia or even tiny Honduras for putting their limited armed forces in harm’s way to support the U.S. led coalition in Iraq. It is little wonder that some are considering doing what Spain has done—pulling out. The leaders in these countries have spent considerable political capital in this effort, and have little to show for it as it relates to fostering good will with the American public. Couple that fact with Osama bin Ladin’s latest offer of withholding attacks on those who “quit” the coalition and you have all the elements for a Democrat party fostered “self-fulfilling prophecy” where the U.S. will be totally alone in the pacification of Iraq. John Kerry and the Bush critics persist in the “lie” of the U.S. going it “alone” in Iraq but Osama bin Laden knows differently and will use the Kerry rhetoric to help isolate the U.S. The terrorists now see themselves as political “king-makers”. They may be right.

Another aspect of the “anti-Bush” political axis is how both his political enemies and the main stream media take ghoulish delight in “the body count,” just as they did in the later days of Vietnam. Oh sure, they pay incidental homage to the memory of the young Americans who gave their lives in the greatest threat this country has ever faced, but they do so with all the sincerity of Madonna making a vow of chastity. As the body bags grow in number, they believe, so grows their political prospects. They may be right.

If the Bush administration is further weakened in the months leading up to the November elections, we will witness a heightened al Qaeda offensive in all parts of the world, including our own country, and especially in Iraq and nations surrounding it ,i.e., Pakistan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Events within the past few days in Jordan not only make this argument but also point to the possibility of “what happened to the WMDs.”
Iran and Syria are daily growing more overt and bold in their support of insurgents within Iraq, believing that Bush has been so hurt by internal politics that he is powerless to act against them in any meaningful way. They may be right.

The Leftwing initiative, Political Correctness and Our Will to Win.

Within our own country we are witnessing and almost insane application of “political correctness.” As the barbarism of radical Islam grows more apparent in the streets of the Middle East from Gaza to Basra, we see a cultural suicide taking place within our own schools and communities.

Our children are being taught from the Koran, our professors are preaching intifadah in their class rooms, and Muslim “call to prayer” loud speakers are blaring out from city halls. The more precarious our very existence becomes, the more our liberal brethren embrace their enemies. It is a Stockholm Syndrome which can only lead to the recruitment of young Muslims who will be willing to duplicate in the West what their co-religionists are doing in the streets of Israel and the market places of Baghdad. The liberal P.C. crowd say nothing about the silence of the Muslim religious leadership as it relates to the carnage of innocents but couldn’t speak out fast enough against the inspiration supplied to tens of millions of Christians by Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. They were put off by the movie’s “violence” and its alleged “fostering of anti-Semitism”. Movies must represent their “reality” as the real thing moves them not at all. Among liberal Jews in America, hatred of George W. Bush is only surpassed by their contempt for Ariel Sharon…Let them explain it, I am at a total loss to do so. Maybe they just miss seeing Bill Clinton smooching Yassir Arafat in the White House Rose Garden.

The “Reverend” Jesse Jackson is now calling the U.S. “guilty of crimes against humanity” as he sets out to mobilize the non-Islamic Left. None of the Democrat leadership says a word in opposition to Jackson’s treason or Hillary’s attacks on the President and U.S. policy in an Arabic newspaper, while in London. You can bet that al Jezeera didn’t miss a beat in their reporting of both events.

The campaign takes its toll.

The campaign is seriously hurting Mr. Bush’s leadership role in the War on Terror. While ducking every new book critical of his initiative or trying to counter the partisan nitpicking of the 9/11 Commission, he has persisted in the misbegotten insistence of “installing democracy” in Iraq. Our purpose for being in that beleaguered country should be restricted to one purpose and one purpose only, to stop the expansion of The Third Jihad and provide a base for doing same in the neighboring areas. This can be done by sealing the borders, attacking anything that moves in violation of same and by making it clear to Syria and Iran that any participation on their part will be considered an “act of war”. Let the country be governed by the local tribes, Shiite in the south, Sunni in the central and Kurds in the north with a U.S. pro consul overseeing the military. Oil revenues could be spilt by population allocation. How about installing a Republic…it worked pretty well here with diverse populations.

The very idea that we should spend our sons and daughters blood or our tax dollars on trying to building a “democracy” in the region which has neither a history nor a desire for such, is sheer nonsense. The very essence of Islamic teaching speaks directly against this principle. Continuing on the current path can only result in fostering greater hatred for the “Great Satan”. Force is the only thing which is respected in that part of the world and this force need not be tied to “reform”. I suggest Mr. Rumsfled acquaint himself with a copy of Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars and Sun Tsu’s Art of War. All the tactics and strategies necessary to subdue the Iraqi insurgents can be found in those two military gems.

Please not the UN.

Bringing the U.N. to the party will only compound the problem without adding any accountability. The U.N. has been accused of many things over the years, but being a “democratic” institution has never been one of them. Just the latest scandal of the “Oil for Food” program should provide any thinking person with all the evidence they need to keep the U.N. at bay. But this doesn’t seem to bother the likes of the John Kerry’s of the world who prattle on as if the scam doesn’t even exist.

Just one example will make my case; the UN mandate in Israel, which has been in place since 1948. One more salient point needs to be made on this subject. There is no such thing as “The International Community.” There are only individual countries, each with its own agenda which is always self serving. The myth of a higher level of “moral authority” coming out of the UN as been one of the greater lies of the past half century, but it is a lie which persists in spite of a bloody record of hypocrisy, graft, genocide and “perpetual war for perpetual peace.” I have a suggestion for the 9/11 Commission:.Why don’t they look into what the UN was doing before the attack on the World Trade Center? If they do, they will find that exactly one week before, the UN was holding a Conference on Racism in Durbin, South Africa where the delegates voted overwhelmingly to condemn Israel, as “racist and terrorist.” The U.S., Canadian and Israeli delegates walked out in disgust. Nary a word was uttered about Saddam Hussein, al Qaeda, or the Taliban, to say nothing of what was happening in Rwanda while they crunched caviar on toast and washed it down with vintage Champagne. Genocide does not qualify as “racism” according to the UN “morality.” Neither we nor the world needs the UN to muck up what is already a very delicate situation. If given proper leadership every Middle Eastern country named above will throw in with the Coalition, for if they don’t they will be the next targets of the Third Great Jihad and the Great Caliphate. Pakistan is already showing the leadership which others will follow. What do you think moved Kadahaffi to cozy up to the U.S. and Great Britain? He fears the Jihadist more than he hates us.

Evil Does Exist.

Our current crises, in meeting the threat of the Third Jihad, is one more example of how most Americans simply refuse to believe there is evil in this world and are willing to grant moral equivalence on any human action. Unless the crime is personalized such as in the case of Lacy Peterson, we lose interest quickly and become bored or at least not involved.

To try and understand what we are facing, look into the eyes of your son or grandson and try to fathom a mind which would take pride in strapping a bomb to his body and sending him out to kill himself and countless innocent people. Or in the case of your daughter or grand daughter, try to imagine a religion which commands you to mutilate her vagina to destroy her sex drive or demands you to stone her to death if she has sexual relations with a man other than of your choosing.

If you can comprehend these facts both intellectually and emotionally, then you will start to understand what we are facing in the months and years ahead, both at home and abroad.

The radicals of Islam will stop at nothing to destroy us and all we stand for. They see this war as their “entry to paradise” and a release from the miserable existence they have built for themselves within the confines of an evil and perverse religion. The Jihadist are NOT like us, nor most of their fellow Muslims. But, like terrorists everywhere they have silenced any criticisms from fellow Muslims through threat and intimidation and have, with the help of the ‘useful idiots” in the West, “created the appearance of popular support”.

If we are incapable of understanding these realities and acting accordingly, within the life time of everyone who reads these words, we will see our cherished way of life cease to exist and chaos become our lot. The Clash of Civilizations is now reaching out and touching all of us. May God grant us the wisdom and the courage to meet the challenge.

I respectfully dedicate the above to the memory of Pat Tillman and his 872 comrades who by their courage and willing sacrifice set an example for every American. May we be worthy of their “greatest love…”

Larry Abraham……..Larry Abraham’s Insider Report.

Use this link to email this page to your friends.

If there was ever a Web page that needs to be circulated as far as possible this is the one. I have reproduced Larry Abraham’s work here per his wishes. These words and their meaning to all Americans are to be published freely. I am happy to be able to help spread this message.

Mike Meehan
ETCM(SS) USNR (Retired)
Webmaster – Good Ones from Mike
June 15, 2004

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I will not delve into the historical links between Nazism and Izlam right here but…Suffice it to say that the emotional postures of both are: hostile, militant, antagonistic, belligerent and downright warlike

June 6, 2008

News: Videos, Michael Yon, D-Day, Vets4Freedom, Blogs4Borders, Flight 93 Blogburst

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I have collected a variety of news articles for your reading pleasure. While they may be links to other sites or videos, I have been just a little too busy to get it right. I hope you enjoy it! Have a great weekend.

Here are some undercover videos from ACT! for America from mosques in the UK: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, , and Yasir Qadhi talks about ‘Dispatches – Undercover Mosques’. Bilal Philips responds to ‘Dispatches – Undercover Mosques’, Abu Usama responds to ‘Dispatches – Undercover Mosques’, Dispatches Under Cover Mosque Part 1, Dispatches Under Cover Mosque Part 2, and many more responses here. [Source: ACT! For America.]

For this week’s Flight 93 Blogburst, here is Alec’s post. Sorry, but I just got too busy. A call for America’s churches to step up as witnesses for the truth about the Flight 93 memorial. [Source: Error Theory.]

The Vets For Freedom made it into the Wall Street Journal! Here is the article: Why Obama Must Go to Iraq, By: Pete Hegseth. Their PAC promises to make sure that our troops are well served, no matter the admistration, and they will be steadfast as we come together and stand with them. God Bless Them!

As you may have figured out by now, I am sooo far behind! Here is the link to the Blogs4Borders Video Blogburst: 06/02/08.

I must share with you one of our best mibloggers who is actually on the ground in Iraq. He has been to Afghanistan as well. He knows of what he speaks, and he is pro-American–not pro-democrat nor pro-republican. Pro-American. It’s about time someone was! Here are some of the stories he has written recently: Townhall (DON’T FORGET, JOIN TOWNHALL AND GET HIS BOOK FREE!!!), An Open Offer to U.S. Senators, Great Americans: David Leimbach Comes Home. Investigation Launched, The Buck Stops, In Memory of SPC David Lee Leimbach, Memorial Day, Curiouser and curiouser and Distributor Refuses to Carry “Moment of Truth in Iraq” on Military Bases.

There is just one more video I would like to share with you. (Well, I’d like to share a lot of them, but I chose this one.) For those of us who are curious about whether or not we would have won WWII if we had the same press back then as we have today, watch this. IT IS NOT TRUE, it is a ‘what if’…You will find it at JammieWearingFool: June 6, 1944, the ‘Day of Days’. Great job guys.

Lastly, but certainly never leastly, take a moment out of your day today to remember all of those who went to war before you and for you. This is D-Day. God bless our military! Thank you, men and women of the Armed Forces. We are very grateful for your lives, no matter how long or short they have been. I also pray for our military of today. I thank God for you each day. I also pray for your protection. Keep your heads down and your powder dry. We love you. God bless you.

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Big Dog’s Weblog: McCain Wants Man On Mars.
Democrat=Socialist: News Opinion RoundUp 6 June 2008.
Conservative Cat: Ferdy.
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1. M. Faultline USA: Heartless Hartford Connecticut.
Could this kind of callous disregard for our fellow man have happened in any town? Is it because it happened in a high-crime area with a culture of not getting involved? What does this say about America?…
2. W. Right Truth: British government discriminates against Christianity, favors Islam.
“The Church of England claims the British government lacks a strong moral direction, discriminates against Christians and favors Islam in its actions.” ( I agree with this statement, but I’m not sure about the suggested solution. Th…

May 30, 2008

News: Iran, Christians, Israel, Borders, judges, etc.

Michael Yon’s book, Moment of Truth in Iraq, has provided the first chapter as a download. (This prior link is for Here is the link (.pdf) for the first chapter: Be Not Afraid. This is an excellent book that will give you a true grasp of what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan and how we got there. Awesome.
Please check out this article over at Michelle Malkin’s: Mark your calendars: June 26 From the Front Lines web-a-thon.
Kenneth Timmerman:

Iranian Activist Faces Imminent Execution.
May 30, 2008

Dr. Forood Fouladvand, a self-styled monarchist who disappeared along with two associates on the Turkish border with Iran on Jan. 17, 2007, faces imminent execution by the Iranian authorities, Iranian exiles in London and former colleagues tell Newsmax. Click here for the full story.

Iranians Would Welcome Airstrikes, Sources Say.
May 20, 2008

As Barack Obama and John McCain thrash it out over how they would deal with Iran, voices from inside Iran are weighing in with an unusual message: If the United States strikes hard and fast, we will support you. Click here for the full story.

Iran Behind Beirut Takeover, Eyes Israel.
May 14, 2008

Senior Iranian officials were directly involved in planning and carrying out Hezbollah’s successful takeover of Beirut last week, and believe that their victory is the first step in a new war on Israel. Click here for the full story.

Kurdistan Minister – Rich Star, or Pawn?.
May 01, 2008

Like the larger-than-life hero of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel of the roaring 20s, Iraqi Kurdistan’s mysterious Minister of Finance, Sarkis Aghajan, has star power.

He is reputed to be one of the richest men in Iraq. And yet, like the fictional Jay Gatsby, no one knows anything about the sources of his wealth, his early career, or his family origin. Click here for the full story.

Christians Want Police Protection in Iraq.
Apr 28, 2008

For Christians living in the ancient sprawling town of Tel Kaif, just 10 minutes north of Mosul, geography is a curse. “We are sandwiched between the Arabs in Mosul, and the Kurds in Erbil,” says William Warda, 47, who grew up in this city in the 1960s and ’70s. Click here for the full story.
Jerusalem Day June 2, 2008 – One Nation’s Capital throughout History.

One Nation’s Capital throughout History

Jerusalem and the Jewish people are so intertwined that telling the history of one is telling the history of the other. For more than 3,000 years, Jerusalem has played a central role in the history of the Jews, culturally, politically, and spiritually, a role first documented in the Scriptures. All through the 2,000 years of the diaspora, Jews have called Jerusalem their ancestral home. This sharply contrasts the relationship between Jerusalem and the new Islamists who artificially inflate Islam’s links to Jerusalem.

The Arab rulers who controlled Jerusalem through the 1950s and 1960s demonstrated no religious tolerance in a city that gave birth to two major Western religions. That changed after the Six-Day War in 1967, when Israel regained control of the whole city. Symbolically, one of Israel’s first steps was to officially recognize and respect all religious interests in Jerusalem. But the war for control of Jerusalem and its religious sites is not over.

Palestinian terrorism has targeted Jerusalem particularly in an attempt to regain control of the city from Israel. The result is that they have turned Jerusalem , literally the City of Peace , into a bloody battleground and have thus forfeited their claim to share in the city’s destiny.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”
Psalm 122:6

You may reproduce this article with attribution to “Myths and Facts.
Blogs4Borders Video Blogburst 05.26.08. The Future of Illegal Immigration News.
Freedom Folks. Fighting Illegal Immigration One Post at a Time.
Jobs Americans Won’t Do. 100% Preventable.

Help More People to “Find” the Show.
Click through to YouTube to rate the show, make it a favorite, leave a comment, or post a video response of your own Forward this e-mail to anyone you think might be interested in this issue – or might become interested if they knew more about it.

Embed or link to the show on any online forums where you participate. MJ & Jake are available for interviews – mention the show to any MSM contacts you may have or make.

Help Us Make the Show Better.
If you see a story or have an idea you think we should cover, send it our way – we always welcome viewer input. Grab a camera and do a piece of your own – we eagerly consider submissions from other citizen journalists.
ACT! for America.

Funding terrorism: Hezbollah uses its US websites to collect donations-shut them down! A MUST READ.
JammieWearingFool has blessed us with this most interesting post: Czech president: Environmentalism is the new communism.

Environmentalism, says Czech President Vaclav Klaus, is the new communism, a system of elite command-and-control that kills prosperity and should similarly be condemned to the ash heap of history.

I agree with him!
The Gathering of Eagles held an “Operation Recruiter Appreciation 2008”, and here is the after action report: ORA 2008 Reports Are Up!
I’m afraid Flight 93 blogburst got caught in the bulk section, and I want to give the news to you now. I won’t be able to give the whole blogburst (because this is long enough already!), so please go visit Plan your trip to the Flight 93 crash site for the weekend of August 2nd! to read this week’s article by Alec.
Next I have an article from John over at the Stop the ACLU. This is a great article, and you should really go over and voice your opinion. Boy Scouts Sue Philly to Stay in HQ.
John has just sent me another post, this one has to do with drilling for oil NOW. Sign Newt’s Petition to DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW!
Here’s one that I know most of you will agree with, and it will make your blood boil! Poll Shows Little Public Enthusiasm For Lieberman-Warner bill by Amy Ridenour at the National Center for Public Policy Research.
Do you want your mind blown? New Questions About Cost of Immigration, Legal and Illegal. Another article from Stephen is Statewide Judicial Recommendations From CRLA. This is for ALL Californians and if you have any relatives in California, PLEASE send them this link!
A very nice friend of mine was able to meet one of our favorite writers, Mark Steyn. He has some pictures and a very good post about Mark Steyn in Toronto.
Last but not least, I would like to add my last post. It is a collection of posts I was saving to work on like the others you see above. lol
Okay, that is quite enough! I am trying to clean out my inbox so I can have some room to think for myself, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You guys keep emailing your links and posts! (Don’t stop!) I just can’t win. lol.

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1. F. 123beta (F, Wknd): Video: Marcus Luttrell At the NRA Convention.
Marcus Luttrell, the former Navy SEAL and author of the best-selling book, “Lone Survivor” was in Louisville a few days ago to speak at the NRA convention. Here’s the video:Trackposted to Outside the…
2. Wolf Pangloss: Clay Aiken and Turkey Baster are gonna be a Dad Open Trackbacks.
Open Trackbacks! Suspicions confounded! The news about Clay Aiken impregnating the 50-year-old sister of music producer David Foster (with the sexually ambiguous name of Jaymes) is intriguing…
3. D. Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker: 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season expected to be busy.
Once again, a stronger than normal tropical storm season is predicted for 2008. It would be very easy to dismiss these predictions due to the mild seasons we’ve seen in the past two years. This would be a very foolish thing to do…
4. Wolf Pangloss: Harvey Korman, R.I.P.
Godspeed to a very funny man, here in an old fashioned but still funny musical comedy sketch with Tim Conway from the Carol Burnett Show…
5. M. Faultline USA: Why Obama Can Never Leave His Church.
The question has been raised as to why TUCC invited Pfleger to incite more racism, which could only be an unwelcome development for Obama. Didn’t Obama’s “wonderful new” pastor have a clue as to what Pfleger might say? Of course he did! The answer to…
6. Wolf Pangloss: The Grasping Tentacles of Obama’s Church.
Faultline USA has an important article updating the story of what’s going on at Obama’s church, the Black Liberation Theology espousing Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. He found a video of a sermon that Otis P. Moss III, the new …
7. W. third world county (W, F): Skeptical Thought for the Weekend.
Who’d-a thunk it? Steeler Wheel as prophets of doom? …
8. D. Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker: Alma gives birth to Arthur.
Tropical storm Alma crossed over Central America into the warm waters of the Caribbean and strengthened into tropical storm Arthur, the first named storm of the Atlantic season. As the graphic clearly shows, there is no threat to the US gulf coast…
9. W. Right Truth: Three wives, 19 children, tortured by Muslim man.
The 22 family members of Mansa Musa Muhummed, age 55 and whose given name is Richard Boddie, described being beaten; strung up by their feet in a dark basement room; and forced to eat vomit and feces. Welfare workers supposedly…
10. W. Maggie’s Notebook (W, Wknd): What Does Obama Think Christian Churches Do?
I’m just a bit jazzed by his many references to the “good works” of Trinity United Christian Church. So there are 8,000 members? Surely, they do “good works” in their local area. What are their outreaches? Palestine, maybe? I don’t know, but I th…
11. Adam’s Blog: Obama’s Political Choices.
Podcast Show Notes. Why Obama’s decision to leave his church smacks of politics. Why Hillary supporters are wrong to make a stink about the DNC decision to admit half of Florida and Michigan’s delegates. Is big ears the only thing keeping…
12. Cao’s Blog: Obama is a descendant of Arab Slave traders.
Mr. Obama is not legally African-American. It is impossible for him to be, in truth, America’s first African-American president. Federal law requires that to claim a minority status, you must be at least 1/8 of the descriptor, but for the sake o…
13. Conservative Cat: Shutting Out the Clarksville Foxes.
Yesterday the Clarksville Fox came to Holmgren Field to play the Chicago Force. As regular readers know, the Chicago Force is our local women’s tackle football team, and this year they are on track to make it into the playoffs…

May 26, 2008

Where’s bin Laden today?

Filed under: milblogs, otb, Prayers — Rosemary Welch @ 12:27 pm

I imagine many of you think this is a good question. In a different place, in a different time, it may be a good question to ask someone who has actually been looking. Why, pray tell, do you ask every servicemember who ever stepped foot in Afghanistan where Osama is? Do you not understand that many people have other major responsibilities to attend to instead?

There is a huge disconnect, even within ourselves and the other patriots who read what we write. The best way for me to explain this is point you to someone who was there, who lived through that hellish place, and survived it. Prayerfully. Please go over to Bill and Bob’s Excellent Afghan Adventure and read, “Where Is Osama?

He has written a very powerful and understandable post that will give you some insight as to what it is like to be over there, what it is like to lose someone, what it is like when you come home, and the disconnect which is truly felt. He knows, better than most, the price to be paid if we quit, just give up.

Please leave him a comment and let him know what you think of his post. Please give him some encouragement if it is in you. BE KIND. If not, I shall find out and you will not want to show your face again. Well, maybe not, but please remember that you have your freedom to do as you please because of men like him. This man is my hero, so please keep that in mind. If you are a nut, please don’t bother him. Bother me instead. Okay?

Thank you everyone for all you do for our troops and their families. God bless you all.

Posts I’ve trackposted to at Linkfest among others:

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The World According To Carl: Memorial Day 2008.
Beagle Scout: An Online Thesaurus that doesn’t suck.
Pet’s Garden Blog: A Day Of Remembering.
Wolf Pangloss: I Praise Thee, Fallen Hero: Repost.
Wolf Pangloss: For Memorial Day: John McCain III’s Address to the Naval Academy.
Woman Honor Thyself: On ShootinG Ko-rans or other “Holy” BookS.
Faultline USA: Daily Kos Loons Driven to Drink.
Right Voices: Sowell: “For people on the left, however, blacks are trophies or mascots, and must therefore b...
Diary of the Mad Pigeon: Gay Marriage: The Pigeon’s Response.

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May 18, 2008

What I did on my day off

Filed under: Bloggers, book, milblogs, otb — Rosemary Welch @ 10:33 pm

Today felt good in one sense, not so good in another. We’re still having that global-warming heat wave (they used to call it Summer), but I still got a lot of reading under my belt. Here is list of really great reads:

Right Truth: PATIENT EVIL – An R.J. Godlewski / Right Truth Blog Exclusive – Chapter Five. This is an excellent book! Wow. What a wonderful writer that Mr. Godlewski is. I recommend this book, chapter by chapter.

Then there was Jonn’s article, IVAW takes the Road Show to Congress. That’s right, the illiterate Iraqi Vets Against the War were in Congress in front of the socialist party to give their report. I read Jonn’s, but there is also Thus Spake Ortner who liveblogged from the comfort of his home and to cover the rest. You may be able find something over at Gathering of Eagles, Free Republic, or many of the milblogs.

Another very interesting post I’ve been reading, which I believe would open many eyes, is Political Islam. This is definitely an eye-opener. Were you aware that OBL is a moderate Muslim? Hmm. Read this article then!

I received an e-mail from American Free Congress with an article I could not find because I could not get into get into Front Page Magazine, but I was able to find someone who had the interview over at Doctor Bulldog and Robin. The title of the article is “Kafir Dream.” These two articles will open our eyes wider than they already are, if you can believe that. I can now!

There were a few more articles I read such as how Sen. Kennedy is doing (put your politics aside, and send out your prayers), and a few more I don’t even remember. I read Blackfive’s feed, and I read Readjustment And Trivia by Bill and Bob’s Excellent Afghan Adventure. My friend has been back in the states for a little more than a month. If you wish to know how the media is effecting our Soldiers, read this. Grab a kleenex first, though. Maybe I’m just too close to this one, but I feel so helpless. God bless your family and you, M.

Well, that’s it for now. If I read your site and forgot to mention you, it wasn’t out of meanness. This is the first time in a LONG time that I took the time off to just read. I must say, I rather enjoyed it! 😉

Hat tip: Blackfive for the articles about IVAW (plus they have their own article).

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1. Right Voices: A Simple Conservative Message.
By Victor Davis Hanson: A Simple Conservative Message. There is a lot of anguish among Republicans as they look at the dismal polls and the even more depressing performance of their candidates in various preliminary House races. New books and prophets…
2. Right Truth: It’s their own damn fault.
Jimmy Buffet’s song Margaritaville ends with the realization “And I know it’s my own damn fault.” Unfortunately many Republicans can’t reach this same conclusion. Victor Davis Hanson here sees the situation as it truly is — not Bush’s fault —
3. Woman Honor Thyself: FDNY: Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance.
The pouring rain, which began promptly at 10 minutes to 2; exactly 10 minutes before the opening ceremonies were due to begin— did nothing to dampen the spirits of family, loved ones, NYPD, FDNY or me…

May 11, 2008

The Tease

Filed under: milblogs, misc, otb, pics — Rosemary Welch @ 4:08 am

I’m going to be working on my post for Talon over at Eagles Up! tonight. It is posted Tuesday, but I need to have it in by Monday morning. I say morning, because it gives Rurik, the Editor-in-Chief, time enough to go through it, let me know if I was able to keep partisan politics out of it, see if it makes any kind of sense for the readers, and all that jazz. He is a very gracious man, though, so it shouldn’t be too difficult…so one would think.

Last week? I couldn’t get logged in to post my brilliant article which was riddled with partisan politics, LOL. That is why I am SOOOOOOOO not waiting until Sunday night, Monday morning to send it to him to check it out.

This week’s post doesn’t have any politics in it, or at least it shouldn’t. It will be about the Vietnam Wall. What about The Wall? Ah, you’ll have to go to Talon either late Monday evening or Tuesday morning to find that out! hehehe. Hey, I’ve got to tease Eagles Up’s new blog so more people will go and read the brilliant writers (besides me) and give them their due.

If you’d like to leave a comment, please go directly to the person’s site who wrote the article. There are no comments and trackbacks as of now. This was a management decision which I agree with as per the explanation received. The names of the authors and their sites are on the upper right-hand side of the site. Please stop over everyday, because there is always something of interest for you. Thank you for all of your support so far and continued.

SNOOPER, e-mail Rurik! He’s trying to reach you. Thanks.

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1. Faultline USA: How Obama’s Supporters Will Sabotage Obama.
Calling it a “missed opportunity,” the article questions the wisdom of the March decision by the executive committee of TCU’s board of trustees to ask Brite Divinity School to move the Rev. Jeremiah Wright awards dinner off campus.
2. Big Dog’s Weblog: Michelle Obama has spoken; No VP Hillary.
There has been a buzz about an Obama/Clinton ticket since the early days of the primaries when media types fawned over both candidates and lamented how they wish that a vote could be cast for each. Will you run on one ticket, a dream ticket?
Early …
3. Right Truth: Conservatives Happier Than Liberals.
Something I’ve known for years, but now it’s confirmed: Conservatives Are Happier Than Liberals. However I do not agree with the reason for this happiness as reported here. Basically what it says is that Conservatives are happier than Liberals …
4. A NEWT ONE: War News: National Security Is Our #1 Issue.
“We must be living in upside down land.” Despite the current Administrations’ inheritance of the free-falling Clinton economy; despite the catastrophic event of 91101; despite the ills and woes of the housing market; despite of the stock market coll…
5. Woman Honor Thyself: Jews Voting Democrat: Oxymoronic (or just “moronic”) Political TrenD?
Practicing Christians and Jews often have more in common about life, morals, politics, government, economics, and even science than their fellow non observant co-religionists…
6. Stageleft:. Life on the left side: This We Already Know.
The United States tortures prisoners in violation of international law, former President Carter said Wednesday. “I don’t think it. I know it,” Carter told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer…

May 7, 2008

Okay, it finally happened

Filed under: Bloggers, honor, milblogs, misc, promises — Rosemary Welch @ 1:23 pm

I’ve been blogging since July 5, 2004, and I promised in 2005 that I would post everyday. Even if it was only to say hi, even when I was sick, I managed to keep that promise…until yesterday. Why was I not blogging, you ask? ARE YOU NUTS? I was blogging my butt off! I had to re-do many of the blogs wrote MONDAY! As I was doing this late into Tuesday morning (there’s a story in there, too), my computer froze up, I was thrown offline a number of times, and I was still typing my heart out in the hopes that I may…just MAY…be able to post something. But Nooooo.

What was it that happened Monday that had me in such a tizzy? I was supposed to have my post for Tuesday’s blog over at Eagles Up (named the Talon) ready to be posted in the afternoon the day before it is due. Well. All these things sure didn’t help! Then I had to rewrite much of it.

By the time I was ready to turn it in (it’s still Monday morning), I can’t login. Huh? I tried every password I’ve ever used, every ID I’ve ever used, and I used every combination. Nothing! Panic had already sunk in.

I sent away for a lost password, but I never received an email. That’s probably because I am NOT the editor! These guys are so wonderful. They helped me out, and they even forgave me! I am on warning, though. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN! (I’m exaggerating.) There’s a reason why I should not allow this to happen again. I am supposed to be responsible!

And that brings me back to the start of this post. I am responsible to have a post (or two or three…) up there for you to read. That is my promise to you and to myself. Did I tell you why I made that promise? No? Okay. I was playing too many games when I first started, and I felt that I was neglecting my friends. Also, I did not want to become addicted to those stupid games. It was great discipline. It only took me three and a half years to break my 2005 New Years Eve Resolution. (Now that it happened, I can tell what and why it was.)

My new pledge. I am going to keep the old one. I promise to write everyday EXCEPT in cases of extreme emergency (hospitalization, no computer, etc.). It is very stressful, but in a sick way I like it. Ouch! 😉

Posts I’ve trackposted to:

Leaning Straight Up: School Stupidity of the Year (Decade?) Award goes to Land ‘O Lakes Florida: Teacher fired for “Wizardry” for making a toothpick disappear.
Planck’s Constant: When should children leave home?
Right Voices: Updated:Obama Promised The Teamsters That He Would End The Oversight And Allow The Mafia Back In…Change the Teamsters can believe in, part 2.
Tel-Chai Nation: Philly policeman murdered by thieves in Muslim niqab garb.
Faultline USA: Black Theology & Black Power.
third world county: When memory fails….
Woman Honor Thyself: Myanmar receiving Aid from the U.S. and IsraeL.
Kodera’s Korner: Erie Bloggers Kurse Kodera.
Thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

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