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June 23, 2008

Homosexuals will harm the Military

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Now that homosexuals have won in the courts in California and Massachusetts, not through the legislative process which they continually fail to win, these states have claimed they must abide by the court’s orders to ‘marry’ same-sex people. Beside this being preposterous, it has the potential to do much harm to our Military.

Number one, the people – no one else – determine which powers the judicial, the legislatures, and the governors and president may encroach upon us as predetermined as necessary to run the country. They cannot just run over us whimsy-nilly anyway they desire, and the courts are about to reach the precipice. Now they are demanding we allow the minority rule (3%) over the majority? Since when when?

How does this harm the our Mililtary? If a person joins the Military as a single man or woman, then they ‘marry’ someone of the same sex but does not tell anyone (don’t ask, don’t tell), won’t the Military be obligated to pay for this person’s spouse? What if they adopt a child? Won’t we have to give them child allowances? What about divorces? Who gets custody? What if the spouse goes into the hospital? Won’t they get leave to visit?

After this goes on for a while, do you really believe that – even though they are less than 3 percent of the population – they demand equal treatment under the LAW? WHAT LAW??? See, this is where the problem arises.

In the year 2000 in California, voters sent a huge message that MARRIAGE is between one man and one woman. Period. The most liberal state, yet they know that deep down it is in the best interest for all children and society as a whole that marriage was, is, and always will be the best foundation for American society. Our LAWS demand that MARRIAGE is between one man and one woman.

This has not been changed through the legislature nor by the voters. As a matter of fact, we already have enough signatures to have this on the ballot again in November, only this time as a Constitutional Amendment.

You would think the court would consider the trauma to the people who think they are ‘married’ but come to find out WE MEANT OUR VOTES. But no, they decided to go ahead and let them do this atrocity. I call it this an atrocity because it will surely destroy some people’s hearts to find out, once again, that the rest of America may not care what you do in private, but we are not going to let you redefine marriage.

To impose this court ruling upon our Military will only change our Military to have less and less men and more homosexuals. I cannot watch a tv program that doesn’t have a homosexual in it. Do you remember what happened with the Catholic Church scandals? Is that what you want from our Military? Or would you rather say, ‘Forget political correctness, I’d rather stay alive.’? I know what side of this issue I come down on.

I believe the Military has it right. There has to be rules of conduct and regulations on certain behaviors. Otherwise, we may lose everything and the first to be persected would be the same people who are the ones fighting so hard to make it so. It is a sad state of affairs. Just ask the people in Iran.

One more tiny little thing. What about MY rights? Am I to be scorned because I believe in God? Do my rights and beliefs not matter because somehow you disagree with me? Then go for it, I will not take you to court over it. The most I will do is pray for you. Whatever happened to live and let live? God help us all.


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June 6, 2008

NGAUS History

Filed under: History, Military, NGAUS — Rosemary Welch @ 9:50 pm

This statement was made by Maj. Gen. William H. Harrison Jr., NGAUS president, following President Kennedy’s message to the American people in August 1961.

The nation can look for the National Guard to respond to the President’s call for active duty and increased readiness with the same spirit and dedication with which our citizen-soldiers served in past emergencies, from Concord to Korea.

In this instance, the Army and Air National Guard units called can be mobilized faster and more rapidly brought to full combat-readiness because they are now at the highest level of training ever achieved by Reserve Components.

Our Air National Guard is at an especially high level of operational-readiness and capable of almost immediate deployment. To sustain its active duty operations at maximum combat efficiency, however, will require new and even more modern equipment than it now has, and increased logistical support.

This Week In Guard History

Filed under: History, Military, NGAUS — Rosemary Welch @ 9:38 pm

June 5, 1945: Okinawa, Ryukyus Island Group — After almost two months of steady, often bitter fighting, sometimes including “banzai” charges and hand-to-hand combat with fanatical Japanese soldiers intent of dying for the Emperor, New York’s 27th “Empire” Infantry Division is in the final stages of the climatic battle for this Japanese island.

On this day, its advanced elements have finally reached the northern tip of the island, still encountering fierce resistance. The division, part of a joint Army-Marine Corps operation, landed on Okinawa on April 9. It took part in the northern operations against the outer belt of the Shuri defenses. Although subjected to tremendous naval and aerial bombardment, the Japanese dug into caves and concealed pillboxes, continuing to offer a determined defense.

With almost every position captured or destroyed, the remaining Japanese defenders surrendered on June 9. This marked the conclusion of the last major battle of World War II. The 27th Division lost 1,844 men killed and nearly 5,000 wounded in the course of this campaign.

I told you the Navy has brains!

Filed under: hospitals, Military, Military Families, Navy, NGAUS — Rosemary Welch @ 9:12 pm

This is a great article. This also comes from NGAUS, and it is about a new brain trauma center opening at one of our Naval sites. We are so amazing! Well, actually, they are so amazing! 😉

Ground Broken for Brain Trauma Center at Navy Hospital Site.

The first shovel of dirt was turned Thursday at the site of what will be the military’s premier institute for the study and care of psychological health and traumatic brain injuries. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates was joined by other department officials, military leaders and several wounded service members to break ground for the National Intrepid Center of Excellence on the grounds of the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.

Construction of the $70 million, 75,000-square-foot facility is being funded by the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, a nonprofit agency that raises funds to support military service members and families. Completion is planned for November 2009. The project mirrors the organization’s funding and construction last year of a physical rehabilitation facility, The Center for the Intrepid, at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.

The facility will serve as the clinical research and educational arm of the Defense Department Center of Excellence for psychological health and TBI. It is a collaborative network of military, private and public health care and educational organizations linked to discover and promote the best practices in the care and treatment of psychological health and TBI.

Gates said the need for such a facility has “never been more pressing or more important.”

More changes will be made at the Bethesda campus as the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in nearby Washington, D.C., begins to close and relocate its services to the Navy hospital. That transition is to be completed by 2011 when the entire facility will be known as the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Gates goes nuclear over mistakes

Filed under: Military, NGAUS — Rosemary Welch @ 9:08 pm

You will find below the NGAUS news of what happened and is still happening to the Air Force Officer Chief of Staff and a civillian. It appears to have been going on for a couple years at least. I wonder if Rummy made the arrangements for Taiwan to receive the nuclear materials? After all, we are supposed to be protecting from China with some Aegis.

Mishandling Nuclear Arsenal Costly for Air Force Leadership Duo.

The top military and civilian officials in the Air Force were forced to resign Thursday after an investigation conducted by the Pentagon found a “chain of failures” in the way the service safeguarded the nation’s nuclear arsenal. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said he removed Air Force Secretary Michael W. Wynne and Gen. T. Michael Moseley, the chief of staff, because “the focus of the Air Force leadership has drifted with respect to perhaps its most sensitive mission.” In recent months, the Air Force has inadvertently flown nuclear warheads over the United States and mistakenly transferred secret nuclear-related materials to Taiwan, a move that went unnoticed for two years. There have also been questions about a contract for a Thunderbirds show given to a retired four-star general.

Other issues, too, such as the funding for the F-22 fighter jet and the service’s role in the Iraq war, have caused friction between the Air Force and the Pentagon leadership. Gates indicated a “substantial number” of civilian officials, generals and colonels would be subject to either dismissal or reprimand. Names for a replacement for Moseley, who plans to retire, have already surfaced, according to a report in the Washington Post. They include Gen. Kevin P. Chilton, head of the U.S. Strategic Command; Gen. John D.W. Corley, chief of the Air Force Combat Command; and Gen. Norton A. Schwartz, head of the U.S. Transportation Command. One report indicated Mike Donley, the Pentagon’s director of administration and management, will be considered as a replacement for Wynne.

NGAUS Legislative Update June 6, 2008

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Below is the Legislative News from the NGAUS (National Guard). These are men who have retired, I think, that are trying to watch out for the warriors that have picked up where they left off. I will not give an opinion on what they are seeking except to say they are politically attuded. lol. Go ahead. Check it out. Remember to take some time today to remember D-Day. Thank you, and have a nice weekend.


Empowerment of the National Guard will help ensure that Guard leaders are able to actively participate in Defense Department decisions that will enhance the functions of the National Guard Bureau (NGB) and improve Federal-State military coordination during domestic response operations.

Empowerment legislation adopted in the FY2008 National Defense Authorization Act was a positive step forward. But, there is still work to be done.“Empowerment II” will continue to build on those historic improvements by

* Designating NGB, not DHS, the lead agency to develop civil support requirements
* Renaming the directors, Army and Air Guard to Vice Chief’s of NGB
* Providing adjutants general (TAG) joint duty credit for their experience in position
* Requiring DOD to report on joint duty credit for National Guard officers and enlisted members serving in Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQ)
* Requiring a summary of joint duty courses available for reserve officers
* Establishing NORTHCOM and PACOM as responsible commands for military support to civilian authorities (MSCA)
* Requires a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NGB within six months of enactment
* Direction to the DOD to establish procedures for the nation’s governors to have “tactical control” (defined as command authority over assigned or attached forces or commands…that is limited to the detailed direction and control of movements or maneuvers within the operational area necessary to accomplish the mission) over the military forces , including Title 10 active forces, operating in their state during an emergency (exercised through the JFHQ)
* Designates that a National Guard officer will remain commander of Air Force North; while Guard officers shall become the Commander Army North, Commander or Deputy Commander of Joint Task Force (JTF) Alaska, JTF Civil Support, and JTF North.

The National Guard Empowerment and State-National Defense Integration Act of 2008 is the next logical step to ensure the National Guard fully develops its capabilities as first “military” responders during disasters such as the terrorist attacks of September 11, or Hurricane Katrina.

Contact your Senators and urge them to support the provisions of Empowerment (S.2760) for inclusion in the FY 2009 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

The House and Senate failed to include language in their respective NDAAs that would have retroactively applied to 9/11 the historic Reserve retirement pay eligibility language of the NDAA for 2008 (HR 5658, S. 2836). This means those deployed for service prior to January 28, 2008 will not benefit from new rules that became effective then, reducing the 60 year retirement pay eligibility age three months for each aggregate of 90 days of deployed service in support of a contingency operation.

If you want to change this, you must contact your representatives to insist that they act in your behalf. NGAUS supports the retroactivity efforts of HR 5658 and S. 2836.
Gray Area Retiree TRICARE.

HR1685, introduced by Representative Robert Latta (R-OH) on June 4, 2008, would authorize all Gray Area Retirees and their families eligible to receive Reserve Retirement Pay at age 60 to purchase TRICARE Standard insurance (TRS) no later than October 1, 2009 at a premium equal to the full cost of coverage to DoD, to be determined by the Secretary of Defense on an actuarial basis.

Currently, the premium is calculated by a review of the Government Accounting Office (GAO) Report of December 2007, which reported that DoD is currently overcharging TRS beneficiaries 72% for individual plans and 45% for family plans. As the excessive premiums charged by DoD do not accurately reflect the actual cost of coverage, GAO recommended an Executive Order to correct the overcharging, which has not yet occurred. The House version of the NDAA proposes that TRS premiums be based on actual costs.

By statute, the premium DoD charges TRS beneficiaries is supposed to cover 28% of the actual cost of coverage incurred by DoD . Unfortunately, DoD in setting the premiums for TRS overestimated the actual cost of the coverage. If DoD had based the premium on actual costs, individuals would have been paying $566 a year or 47.17 a month for TRS instead of the $972 a year or $81.00 a month currently being charged. Families would have been paying $2,099 a year or $174.91 a month and not the $3,036 a year or $253 a month they currently are currently paying.

Under the Latta Bill, the Gray Area retirees would be paying the full cost of coverage incurred by DoD, not 28% of the cost that TRS beneficiaries and their families will continue to pay. If the bill passes and DoD accurately billed the Gray Area retirees the full current cost of coverage, this would translate to charges of $2,021.42 a year or $168.45 a month for individuals and $4,372.92 a year or $364.40 a month for families. NGAUS supports the Latta Bill, which directly addresses a prioritized resolution.
GI Bill.

Virginia Senator Webb’s new GI Bill , S. 22, and its companion bill in the House, HR 5740, sponsored by Arizona Representative Mitchell, passed in both the House and Senate versions of the War Supplemental. The Webb bill would create a new education benefits program for post 9/11 combat veterans that would include both tuition assistance and monthly stipends. It would also provide National Guard and Reserve veterans with an aggregate 36 months of qualifying deployed service with educational benefits equal to those of active force veterans.

The Senate version of the War Supplemental had $10 billion of additional domestic spending, which the President promises to veto if it stays in the final version passed by Congress. NGAUS supports S. 22 and HR 5740.

It is important to note that the programs proposed by S.22 and HR 5740 would be in addition to the current Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB). In its recent mark, the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs approved a proposal that would transfer administration of the MGIB to Title 38 from Title 10, something long sought by NGAUS. There are numerous other bills that would expand benefits under the existing MGIB,the most prominent of which is S. 2938 sponsored by Senators McCain, Graham, and Burr. In addition to increasing monthly benefit amounts, S.2938 would allow transferability of the benefits to dependents.
Pre-Mob Dental and Medical.

In a NGAUS led effort, the Senate included a provision in Section 711 that would authorize each service secretary to provide full active duty medical and dental coverage for deploying members of the National Guard and Reserve, if the Secretary determines that it is necessary to ensure that the member meets applicable standards of readiness. This would statutorily authorize full pre-deployment medical and dental coverage to begin whenever the Secretary deemed necessary in advance of the currently authorized 90 day pre-deployment period for such coverage.
Mental Health Outreach.

The House has passed a mental health care outreach bill, HR 2874, that would expand peer-to-peer programs, and authorize the Veterans Administration to treat members in rural areas isolated from VA facilities by contracting with local Community Mental Health Centers. The Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs has passed S.2162, which would authorizes similar rural outreach treatment programs found in HR 2874, but would limit their scope to piloted programs in selected Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISNs). S.2162 would authorize Vet Centers to assist family members. S.38, which stalled in the Senate, is nearly identical to HR 2874 but would further authorize the VA to contract nationwide with Community Mental Health Centers to treat our members and their families for three years post deployment.

Please contact your Senators to voice your support for expanded mental health care outreach for our members and their families. NGAUS will continue to strongly support inclusion of the mental health outreach provisions of S.38 in any rural veterans’ mental health bill that Congress may pass this session.
ANG Programs.


Both the House and Senate Armed Services Committees have included funds for advanced procurement even though the President’s Budget did not request the money. The Senate version allows the President to choose between using the funds to continue the F-22 production or shut the line down. NGAUS supports using these authorized funds to purchase additional F-22 aircraft and to field them to the Air National Guard in order to continue support of the Air Sovereignty Alert mission. Without a replacement for our aging fighter fleet the Air National Guard will face a degraded capability to protect our homeland from air attacks in the future.
Maintenance Restructuring.

The FY2009 HASC Authorization bill includes language that prohibits the Air Force from consolidating Air National Guard with the Active Duty maintenance facilities without first obtaining consent from the National Guard Bureau. NGAUS supports this language and will urge the Conferees to include this language in the final National Defense Authorization Bill for FY 2010.
Air Sovereignty Alert.

The FY2009 HASC Authorization bill includes an additional $34 million for the Air Sovereignty Alert mission above the President’s request, and language which would require the Secretary of Defense to provide an annual report on funding for all programs and activities for the ASA mission. In addition to this directive language, the bill also expresses a sense that the ASA mission should receive sufficient funding.

NGAUS strongly supports the House version of the ASA language and will continue to recommend that Congress include this language in the final National Defense Authorization Bill for FY 2010.
ARNG Programs.

Full-Time Support

The Senate version of NDAA increases the number of ARNG AGR positions to 32,060 and MilTechs to 28,380, both 73% of the validated requirement using supplemental funding. In the House version, only the AGR positions have been increased, but the funds are provided in the base budget.

The Senate did not authorize any funds for the National Guard and Reserve Equipment Account, but did put $391 million into the Army’s procurement accounts and specified it for ARNG equipment items. The House chose to authorize $800 million in the NGREA for Army Guard and Army Reserve equipment.
Joint Cargo Aircraft (JCA).

The Senate provided full funding in both Army and Air Force accounts for costs related to the Joint Cargo Aircraft. However, the House version of the bill supports the Army’s requirement for fixed-wing time-sensitive lift while directing the Air Force to re-examine putting C-130s into units currently designated to receive C-27s.

The FY2009 HASC Authorization has marked for 15 C-17s at a cost of $3.9B to fulfill the unfunded requirement on the Air Force’s list. The Senate Authorization bill does not include funding for additional C-17s. NGAUS supports the House version of the C-17 language and will ask the Conferees to cede to that language in order to continue the C-17 line and bring the new airlifters into the Air National Guard to replace older retiring aircraft in the inventory.
War Supplemental.

The much anticipated and much needed war spending bill is still missing in action. The Senate passed its version last week but the House has not passed an equivalent. In the Senate bill, there is an additional $675M for ARNG NGREA as well as over $685M in O&M and over $1.36B for Personnel. The ANG also received $287M for O&M in addition to $72M for radio and targeting pod upgrades and $34M for AESA radars.

The main sticking point in the House is that the cost of increasing veterans’ education benefits is not offset by spending cuts elsewhere, something that concerns a group of balanced-budget Democrats. The current effort is to remove much of the domestic spending included in the House version in an attempt to avoid President Bush vetoing the legislation, but no progress has been made.
We Goofed!
Write To Congress Update

The legislative staff would like to apologize for the discrepancy in reporting the number of letters sent to Congress by our top states. The mistake has been corrected, and we are striving to provide all of our members with current, up-to-date numbers. Again, please accept our apologies and as always, your letters to Congress are essential in NAGUS’ mission to represent the National Guard and Reserves.

Messages sent:

This Year — 21,242
This Week — 438

Top 5 States:

1. Tennessee — 4,510
2. Georgia — 4,326
3. Mississippi — 1,199
4. Texas — 938
5. Oklahoma — 662

Our 2008 Goal: 54,000 messages. Only 32,758 messages to go!
Legislative Staff
Richard Green, Legislative Director
Pete Duffy, Deputy Director
Chris DeBatt, Army Programs
Emily Breitbach, Air Programs
Bernie Phelps, Senior Analyst
Dixie Ross, Legislative Analyst

June 3, 2008

‘Why We Serve’

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When I was younger, I tried to join the Navy because I needed to learn discipline, I needed order in my life. I knew I was headed down the wrong path. Unfortunately, my prior eye operation kept me out of the Navy, but there are so many people who have shared their stories with us and I believe they should be told all over the web. Why? Because we will not hear it in the press.

Why We Serve is a speakers outreach program intended to re-connect the men and women of the United States Armed Forces with those they serve: The American people.

One of these special people who shares his experience with us is Captain Doug Traversa, who has a blog named Afghanistan Without A Clue (AWAC). Here is an excerpt from his statement:

My path to military service and my current assignment in Afghanistan is rather unusual, but it just shows that those of us defending our country are as different and unique as the general populous. When I was growing up, joining the military did not seem so far-fetched. My father was an Air Force officer, and I was a huge military buff most of my childhood through high school and college. I studied World War II, built models from the period, and memorized all sorts of military trivia.


It all started about a year ago. The Air Force was going to be filling Army positions in both Iraq and Afghanistan. That meant that not only would we be deployed for a year, we would have to go to Army Combat Skills Training first. We would be wearing body armor, carrying weapons, and going into harm’s way. You can’t imagine how shocking this was to us in the Air Force. We didn’t do that sort of thing. We did our fighting from airplanes, and those who didn’t fly were stationed well behind enemy lines at air bases. Now we were being thrown into the Army. Yikes! This was scary. I was certainly afraid. In fact, my current boss, Maj Apple, is filling a slot that was turned down by six previous majors. By that I mean they decided to get out of the Air Force rather than do this job. These are guys with 12-15 years of service, and they got out. I don’t say this to insult them, just to show how frightening it was. [Continue reading.]

Doug is very good and decent man. I was on this side of the war while he was on the dangerous side, he wrote in his blog everyday, and he made many friends while he was there. Many Afghanistani friends, as well. He is now home with his sweet wife and darling children along with the abused dogs he continues to adopt until they are ready to be adopted by a satisfactory home.

This is just one of our many heroes who have decided to join the ‘Why We Serve’ team. They speak around the country–not about their mission or the Department of Defense–so that we here in the States may have a deeper understanding of our fighting men and women. Why do they serve? There are as many reasons as there are soldiers! Go ahead. Go read about them. Then write about them. Spread the word.

[The article written about Doug was written February 6, 2007.]

You may also find a site for ‘Why We Serve’ at Why We Serve – U.S. Department of Defense Official Website.

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May 30, 2008

Resourses: Help Former Military find jobs

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I do not know these people, so please move forward with caution. They appear to want to help people who have served our country to get readjusted back into the work force. They want to help match your skills with the jobs that are available. Here is the link: 100 Job Solutions and Resources for Former Military Personnel. They have several links that you can choose from for your specific skills. You should check it out, just be careful.

How did I find out about this? They must have either seen my support for the troops on my site, or maybe they got my name from DoD? Either way, I received an email with my name on it. Please, be careful! Have a nice day.

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May 23, 2008

Memorial Day Post Party Weekend

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How does that work, anyway? Day=weekend? ~~huh?~~ Oh well. I’ve some news below.

My friend Rurik at Veteran-American Voices emailed this wonderful news a couple/few days ago. I would like to share it with you (obviously) as we kick off the Memorial Day weekend. The following is a re-post by WorldNetDaily. Happy Memorial Day.

‘Unlawful command influence’ taints Murtha case.

Haditha ruling ‘gives hope justice will rise above politics’

Posted: May 21, 2008
11:50 pm Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily.

A military prosecution of U.S. Marines involved in a 2005 firefight against insurgents in Haditha, Iraq, is tainted by “unlawful command influence,” according to a judge in the case against Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani.

The ruling came yesterday from Col. Steven Folsom, who is hearing the case against the officer who was not at the scene of the attack on U.S. Marines, but is facing a court-martial based on allegations he did not accurately report or thoroughly investigate combat action between Marines he commanded and insurgents that resulted in the deaths of 15 Iraqis.

The Nov. 19, 2005, firefight also resulted in 14 Marine casualties including one death. “Considering the politically charged nature of this case – and particularly this motion – Col. Folsom made a courageous decision,” said Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of Thomas More Law Center, which is defending Chessani.

The motion that cited circumstances including a public condemnation of the U.S. Marines by U.S. Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., before the conclusion of the investigation was brought to the military court by Law Center attorneys Robert Muise and Brian Rooney, both former Marines. Courts consider unlawful command influence the “mortal enemy of military justice” because it signifies that at some point during the development or prosecution of the case, decisions were made based on a commander’s opinion or desire, rather than the facts themselves.

“Although the case is far from over, yesterday’s ruling now forces prosecutors to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that: (1) the facts upon which the unlawful command influence is based are untrue; (2) those facts do not constitute unlawful command influence; or (3) the unlawful command influence will not affect the proceedings,” the Law Center said. “The taint of unlawful command influence started from the inception of the investigation, when high-ranking Pentagon officials decided to make Lt. Col. Chessani a political scapegoat to appease a liberal anti-war press and politicians,” Thompson continued.

“This ill-conceived prosecution has resulted in the removal of one of America’s most effective combat commanders in Iraq by the Marine Corps’ own standards. Although nothing can undo the harm caused to our nation and to Lt. Col. Chessani and his family, this ruling gives us hope that the military justice system will rise above the politics that fomented this prosecution and allow Lt. Col. Chessani, who devoted more than 20 years to the Marine Corps and to the defense of our nation, to get on with his life,” he said.

Folsom’s ruling said the defense met its burden of presenting “some evidence” of actual and apparent unlawful command influence. The Law Center said the decision was based on evidence that various generals who controlled the disposition of the case may have been influenced by Marine lawyer Col. John Ewers, who attended dozens of closed-session meetings in which the case was discussed. Ewers was an investigator of the Haditha firefight, and is a witness prosecutors plan to call in the case. “Consequently, he should not have been involved in any of the meetings,” the Law Center said.

The counts against Chessani were triggered following a house-to-house, room-by-room battle four of his enlisted Marines engaged in on that day in 2005 after they were ambushed by insurgents in Haditha. “Even though Lt. Col. Chessani promptly reported the events of that day to his superiors, including the deaths of 15 noncombatant civilians caught in the battle, nobody in Lt. Col. Chessani’s chain of command believed there was any wrongdoing on behalf of the Marines,” the law firm said. But months later, a Time magazine story “planted by an insurgent propaganda agent,” caused Pentagon officials to order the investigation, the law firm said.

The article was followed quickly by Murtha’s comments. He held a news conference and announced he’d been told by the highest levels of the Marine Corps there was no firefight and Marines “killed innocent civilians in cold blood. All the information I get, it comes from the commanders, it comes from people who know what they’re talking about,” Murtha told reporters.

Those statements conflicted with investigative results from the military itself. A first investigation by Army Col. G.A. Watt found “there are no indications that (Coalition Forces) intentionally targeted, engaged and killed noncombatants.” Later, Army Maj. Gen. Aldon Bargewell found no coverup, the law firm said.

Folsom previously ruled that former Marine Commandant Michael Hagee will testify about his conversations with Murtha regarding the firefight in Haditha but that Murtha is being given an exemption and will not have to testify about his statements.

Eventually eight Marines were charged, but counts against five already have been dropped. Those defendants are Lance Cpl. Stephen Tatum, Capts. Randy Stone and Lucas McConnell, Sgt. Sanick P. Dela Cruz and Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt. The case against Chessani continues, as do cases involving 1st Lt. Andrew Grayson and Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich.

Congressman Murtha refuses to apologize to anyone for his lies, but he supports the troops. Yeah, and I’m Cleopatra…

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May 8, 2008

Wednesday Hero: Tech. Sgt. Shawn D. Foust

Filed under: defenselink, global war, Heroes, Military, otb — Rosemary Welch @ 5:31 am

This week’s Wednesday Hero is Tech. Sgt. Shawn D. Foust, a man who has been to Iraq for two tours so far. He has earned the Bronze Star on this tour for his bravery and composure during an ambush on his convoys. Please read about him below.

Technical Sergeant Shawn D. Foust.

Technical Sergeant Shawn Foust responded to the military’s need to lessen the strain on the country’s traditional ground forces, putting the Tech Sergeant in command of a medium truck detachment from April to October of 2007 in Iraq. TSgt. Foust’s leadership throughout two attacks on his convoy earned him the Bronze Star.

Confronting the challenges presented by the unconventional war in Iraq, Air Force Technical Sergeant Shawn Foust was assigned to Joint Logistic Task Force 1144, becoming a Convoy Commander for the 424th Medium Truck Detachment. In 212 missions during his second tour of duty, Foust encountered various obstacles and challenges while amassing over 507,000 cumulative miles on the dangerous roads of Iraq.

Convoy mission 57-459 would present the greatest challenge, earning Foust praise for his ability to overcome such a daunting task. As his convoy was approaching Forward Operating Base Al Asad, a roadside bomb detonated, wounding the driver and passenger of the third truck, and leaving the vehicle partially disabled. A possible full-scale ambush was upon them as scattered mortar and small arms fire landed on their position. The intermittent insurgent fire raised the threat level for the entire convey and Foust knew he had to remain calm and professional. He immediately moved the convoy past the kill zone and went back for the wounded men.

Foust organized his Airmen into a defensive posture, and prepared to repair the damaged truck. Working tirelessly and on constant guard for six hours, throughout the night, Foust and his fifteen man squad replaced each of the damaged 250 pound tires until the vehicle was operational. Foust successfully completed this mission all those before and all those that followed.

In the six months he spent in Iraq, he exhibited a sense of service, devotion to duty, and commitment to the overall success of his unit that went above and beyond what was expected, earning him the Bronze Star Medal for exceptionally meritorious service. [Source: (.pdf).]

To learn more about this brave man, here is some information:

Hometown: Gowonda, NY
Awarded: Bronze Star
Download this hero’s story: Right click and “Save Target As…” to download.

We Should Not Only Mourn
These Men And Women
Who Died
We Should Also Thank God
That Such People Lived

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