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June 24, 2008

Alert: MAF Web-o-thon for the Troops!

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This Thursday there is going to be a wonderful 8 hours web-o-thon which will be streamlined live so that we may all participate in it. Move America Forward is doing a marvelous job of gathering everyone together, and I look forward to having each of you drop in for just a while.

The Eagles UP! and their blog, Talon, are also participating in this telethon. We would like to contribute to our men and women in the Armed Forces by sending them care packages. I know I do not want them to believe we have forgotten them or that they are unloved. No, not happening under my watch!

I love what Mike is going to do, starting June 18, 2008. He has started matching each donation by 10% of his own money. Isn’t he an angel? I think this is a wonderful idea. If you would like to help to help our Servemembers, please donate at the link for MAF at Eagles UP! so that we may help the amount blow the newspapers, congresspeople, and just everyone out of the pond.

As Melanie has reminded (again), we may think we are having a bad hair day, but can you imagine insignificant that would seem if we lived in Iraq, Iran, etc? How about the heat of 125-135 degrees with full gear on? Would you care to trade places? I know I’m very grateful to them for protecting our country, our lives, and their families and themselves. This is why we should be on the front lines caring for them. Because we want to.

The LiveStream will be located at UStream.TV. This will be on Thursday, June 26, and for more information please go here. Michelle Malkin will also be there, so we will have a double treat!

Here are a few articles that have been written and/or taken notice: The Sacramento Union: Special ‘Support the Troops’ Telethon June 26, The Radio Equalizer: A UNITED FRONT, Michelle Malkin: Six more days ’til the From the Frontlines web-a-thon, Radio & Records: More Support For All-Star Troop Benefit and HotAir: Hot Air TV alert: From the Frontlines web-a-thon, June 26.

The name of the Telethon is “From The Frontlines”.

On June 26, from 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific to 12midnight Eastern/9pm Pacific, Melanie and I will be anchoring a livestreamed, 8-hour fund-raising “web-a-thon” to send the largest number of care packages to our troops overseas in U.S. history. We’ve got a star-studded line-up participating in this effort to support our military, including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Dr Laura Schlessinger, Ollie North, Monica Crowley, Ann Coulter, Nancy Reagan, actor Kelsey Grammer, and Five for Fighting’s John Ondrasik. You’ll be able to tune it at Hot Air and on UStream, embed the broadcast on your own blogs, and even catch some of the show on your radio dial if you’re lucky to be in the listening area of a radio station partner. [Hat tip: Hot Air]

I pray I happen to have one of those radio stations which is close enough so I may be listen to it live! Wow! Have a great day.

PS. Melanie has already raised close to $250,000. We are trying to a goal of $500,000. Please help us. We want to show those *ahem* ‘people’ in Washington what it’s like to actually SUPPORT THE TROOPS. Thanks.

Cross-posted @ The Talon.

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June 15, 2008

Admiral praises Iraqi political debate

Filed under: CentCom, ME, pols, Troops, UN — Rosemary Welch @ 11:23 pm

by Gerry Gilmore
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON (June 12, 2008) – Ongoing debate within Iraq’s political realm about negotiations over the U.S.-Iraq strategic framework agreement indicates the healthy development of Iraq’s young democracy, the U.S. military’s top officer said here today. The completion of the agreement would allow for continued U.S. military operations in Iraq after the United Nations security resolution ends Dec. 31.

Political debate in Iraq “historically, has not taken place,” Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, noted at a Government Executive Magazine-hosted breakfast at the National Press Club. Mullen said he is encouraged by what he called the “healthy aspect” of Iraqi officials’ statements regarding the agreement. Such debate over policy would be inconceivable under Saddam Hussein’s regime, he noted.

U.S. State Department and Iraqi officials are in negotiations over the agreement, which, among other things, specifies how U.S. troops posted in Iraq would be treated under Iraqi law as part of a status-of-forces pact. The United States does not want a permanent presence in Iraq, Mullen said. “This is no desire to have permanent bases in Iraq,” Mullen emphasized. “The desire, quite frankly, is to return our forces [home] as rapidly as we can. But, at the same time,” the admiral continued, “we’re also committed to providing the security that they need until they can stand up and provide their own security.” If no strategic framework agreement between the United States and Iraq is in place before Dec. 31, Mullen said, the U.N. resolution would have to be extended.

Source: CENTCOM.

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June 10, 2008

‘My’ Soldier Came Home

Filed under: health, help, otb, Prayers, Talon, Troops — Rosemary Welch @ 7:00 pm

America’s Son came home from war alive and whole, so why do I feel such a loss? My sleep has been forced upon me, I forget to eat, I constantly check the email in the hopes that he’ll let me know he’s alright. After all, that is what we did for 18 months. He would let me know if he had to go dark. I must admit, I was not prepared for this darkness.

This is a rather unusual situation I find myself in, because this Soldier and I have never met. I could not pick him out in a crowd, yet we have shared the past year and half becoming friends while he was in Afghanistan. He never mentioned that he was in the kill zone. That means the Taliban were all around him.

I know I did not share in his experiences during this time. He was on the battleground while I was safely at home praying for him and his teams everyday–all day long. I believe it did work, too, because they all returned home alive and whole. At least in body.

The twist? I am ashamed to admit it, but I am sad. I thank God he made it home to his family! Not for one second do I regret that! Please do not misunderstand. I am just having a little bit of a difficult time of it. I feel a horrible loss. I miss my friend. I cannot serve another lonely man or woman in our Armed Forces until I resolve this.

I have done this four times before him, and I shall continue to do so. But no one told me about the consequences of getting involved with a person whom I do not know, will never meet, will pray for constantly, write to frequently, and then all of a sudden it’s over. I am no longer someone, I am no longer needed, and I don’t know if I’m even wanted as his friend. It has come to an end. Time to move on to the next Soldier, Sailor, Marine, etc.

I do not understand the sadness and loss I feel. Could it be because I built up something in my mind that wasn’t really there? I do not think so. When you try to meet the needs of another, that may happen. Their gratitude is nothing more than gratitude. I never thought it was more, at least intellectually. That is one of the things of which I am certain.

He used to e-mail me whenever he could. I’ve e-mailed him a few times now, and I am worried that something is wrong. He is a good and decent Christian man. Did Afghanistan have a negative effect on him? He went through Hell over there. Does he have PTSD?

I suppose some of my fears may be that I can no longer help him. I will never know what he saw because he is a Man, he will only discuss that with his buds (which is understandable), I am no longer useful to him.

AHA! Could that be it? I am no longer useful to him? That would be very selfish! Am I doing this for myself, or am I doing this for our Servicemembers? Well, I remain anonymous to the world, so I don’t do it for the glorification. I am on a fixed income, but I still send care packages as often as I can. I know it is not as often as everyone else, but I still try to send them. They are needed.

He loves the children, and they loved him. He is a very special man, and I will never hear from him again. I believe that is part of why my heart aches. I cared too much. Is that possible? NO! Maybe I cannot put on paper how I really feel, maybe it’s a combination of these reasons and more, but I need to write it down in the hopes of getting back to normal. I will move on to another Soldier in a little while. I just don’t ever want to stop praying for him, and I do not to forget ‘him’. Is that one of my fears? Yes. I don’t ever want to forget, but am I allowed to? I am shamed in my own eyes for even think this way, but I have seen it happen before.

I am trying so hard to write a post that may help someone else who is also going through the changes of caring for a Soldier you don’t know, becoming close to this person, and then it is over just like that. Of course you’ll be happy they are ‘home’ and alive. Maybe it is just time for us to realize that it’s okay to admit we are sad. We can remember them. We can continue to pray for them. But we were never anyone they ever really knew, and they owe us NOTHING. We were never a part of their lives.

We were not in a foxhole with them. We did not raise their children. We did not do a lot of things, but we cared enough to step in for a time to let them know that we support them. After all, is it not they, and not we, who should know they are loved? They are, because it is they, not we, who are fighting to keep us free.

Just try not to care so personally. Scratch that. I’ll care as much as I wish, thank you very much. I don’t even know if this what is bothering me. Do I love him? No. I don’t know him that way. I’m not that kind of a lady. However, it is the seperation, no more emails, he’s writing in his blog very seldom and some things I wish I could do for him (such as all the paperwork, getting a job, readjusting, comfort, etc.) I am not able. When I cannot help him, that makes me sad. When it comes to our Armed Forces, I am ashamed to admit I feel sad. I guess I should just buck-up, eh? I will…soon.

PS. I would just like you to understand that I do believe I have only scratched the surface. I feel like I have lost a friend, and I know this isn’t true. He is a good friend to all who mean no harm to America or his family. Thank you for allowing me an outlet to speak my feelings, because it surely isn’t my mind. I wonder, is there a place for those of us who have to stay behind to go share our feelings? Hmm. May be a good idea…

PSS. I thank God for the time I did have to be his friend, and I thank God for all the members of his teams and him. They chose to go to war for us so we could sleep well at night. These are special men, and I shall always be in awe of them.

Cross-posted @ Talon.

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URGENT: Operation Love From Home

Filed under: home, Love, Troops — Rosemary Welch @ 2:04 pm

Today is June 10, 2008. That means we only have 4 days left to reach our goal of 5000 ‘Thank you’ cards for our Servicemembers in Afghanistan. Please send whatever you can, even if it’s only one card. It will be greatly appreciated.

Here is some information:



The Mission: To collect at least 5,000 “thank you” cards for troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The majority of the cards collected will go to a unit currently stationed in an extremely harsh and remote area of Afghanistan.

The Reason: Being away from home and living in harsh conditions with combat & constant danger is difficult ~ our troops need to know we have not forgotten them!!! Mail from home helps to keep our troops’ morale strong, making a very real difference in their lives. It keeps them motivated and focused when they know we care about them!

The Address: Send your signed, unsealed thank-you cards to the following address:

Mrs. Kathy Orr


P.O. Box 1660
Loganville GA 30052


The Guidelines:

Ø The cards can be handmade or store-bought. This is a great opportunity to get your Scout troop, school, church and other civic organizations involved in doing something to show support for our troops.
Ø Please do not write the date on your cards
Ø Please, no glitter on the cards. Because of the intended destination of the cards, nothing “shiny” should be sent for safety & security reasons.

*IMPORTANT: This is not a “dating service.” Please do not send suggestive or otherwise inappropriate cards or materials. Please also refrain from making political statements of any nature. We will be reading and screening every card received to ensure that the above guidelines are adhered to. Remember: This is strictly to let the troops know that we love them, we are proud of them and that WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN them! If you have any questions, please contact us at or

If you would like to continue helping, you may by going to Operation Love From Home’s homepage and on the sidebar press *Current Projects*.

I also have a link to an interview Kat had on the 104.7 The Fish FM, and here is the link: INTERVIEW. Please forgive me. It aired on the 5th of June, and I am just getting to it. Please don’t punish our men and women because of my slowness. Show them that we really do care. After all, would you have bothered to read this far if you didn’t care? If you didn’t support them? 😉

Thank you for all that you do. May God have you in His favor today, and may He keep you out of harms way. Have a nice day.

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June 9, 2008

U.S. Military and Iraqis complete Baghdadi Bridge

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by Lance Cpl. Robert Medina
1st Marine Logistics Group

BAGHDADI, Iraq (June 4, 2008) – In the small community of Baghdadi, service members and local Iraqis worked together to finish the Baghdadi Bridge, and a new way of crossing the Euphrates River is now open to traffic. Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Iraqis worked together to complete the 301-meter bridge May 22, making it the longest floating bridge in Iraq, said Capt. Douglas R. Cunningham, company commander for Maintenance Company, Combat Logistics Battalion 6, 1st Marine Logistics Group.

“I didn’t think the bridge would be so big until we got all the pieces together,” said Lance Cpl. Joshua S. Hardin, metal worker, from Lawrenceburg, Ky., with Maintenance Company, CLB-6, 1st MLG. “Previously the longest bridge was only two pontoons long, this bridge is seven.” Two Marines with Maintenance Company welded 1,600 feet of steel themselves. They worked alongside Navy Seabees and Army Engineers.

“This will cut down the six-hour convoy that it would take to go around,” said Pfc. John Z. Wilson, metal worker, from Houston, with Maintenance Company. “Convoys would have to go from Camp Al Asad up to Camp Haditha then back down.”

Hardin said they were the only two Marine welders out of seven between the different services. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 17, 1st Naval Construction Regiment, 1st Naval Construction Division, aided in the welding and assembling, as well as the Army’s 814th Engineer Company.

“It was great to have Maintenance Marines work on something like this,” said Cunningham, from Anchorage, Alaska. “Twenty years from now, they can tell their grandkids what they did in Iraq. They can be proud of something they did that will have enduring value for the Iraqis.”

With their “can do” attitude, Seabees assisted in the transportation of all the materials to the sight. They prepared the ground on both sides of the river. “Constructing a floating bridge here as opposed to a regular sky bridge is a lot faster, easier and it’s a more durable method,” said Lt. Cmdr. Jennifer L. Donahue, operations officer, NMCB-17.

The local Iraqis helped in whatever way they could during this project. When it was time for the 814th to maneuver the pontoons into place, they found the river grass was effecting their operations. The local sheiks saw the problem and came up with their own solution. The next morning, several small boats with locals were raking the river bottom to clear the way for the Army. Then the project could proceed. “The (best part of this mission) was the opportunity we had to form partnerships with the Iraqis, to work with the Iraqis, and to develop something beneficiary to them,” Cunningham said. “It’s going to help them become more stable and self sufficient.”

This bridge will also benefit coalition forces in the area. Donahue, from Midland, Texas, said she was very proud of the Seabees who were on site for 54 days working on the project. “It’s a great contribution to know we are helping the Marines be able to cross the river,” sad Donahue. “It was all a joint effort between the Marines, Navy, Army, and the Iraqis. This would have never happened without everybody’s help.”

The newly constructed Baghdadi Bridge spans the Euphrates River, allowing local Iraqis and coalition forces to dramatically reduce the traveling time to reach the other side. Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Iraqis worked together to complete the 301-meter bridge May 22, making it the longest floating bridge in Iraq. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Robert Medina).

Source: CENTCOM.

May 30, 2008

Help Kat help our troops

Filed under: help, Love, otb, support, Troops — Rosemary Welch @ 2:04 am

Dear Kat is having time of it trying to collect 5000 cards to send to our troops. Okay, I may not be able to type, but I have her permission to use her email. You’ve helped us before to help the troops. Please help us to send a note of appreciation this 4th of July. They’ve earned it.

Good morning, everyone! Just wanted to drop you a note to update you on the status of our Operation Love From Home 2008 4th of July card drive for the troops. Sadly, we are still far, far short of our 5,000-card goal…we have in our possession slightly less than 1,500 cards. We’ve extended the deadline until JUNE 14, 2008. Please do all you can to help get the word out, and send in a card or two! Every single card/letter helps tremendously, and truly makes a very real difference! An empty P.O. Box means less 4th of July Thank You cards & letters going to our troops.

In other news, please check our our website (! We’ve made some new additions as we fine-tune our site:

Send an “e-card” to the troops…fill out our online form with your message to the troops; we will insert your messages into a “Thank you!” card and ship them over!

Check our our “Quotes” and “More Quotes” links, to see what the soldiers – and others – have to say about the importance of receiving mail from home!

New blog entries on the front page.

New Pictures in Photo Album from last week’s card-signing memorial day service at my church, where we collected an additional 226 cards in one day! 😉

On Saturday, we are having our First Annual Bake Sale & Card Signing Extravaganza at American Legion Post 233 on Highway 78 in Loganville, Georgia. Feel free to come by if you are in the area! We’ll have a TON of super-delicious baked goods, cake walks every hour, face painting & a bounce house for the kids, hotdogs & chips, popcorn, cotton candy, “Support Our Troops” bracelets & car magnets for sale, bunches of military-related freebies (first come, first served!) and, of course, lots cards to sign for the troops!

Next week, I am excited to announce that I will be taping a brief interview with the morning show of a major Atlanta Christian radio station, 104.7 The Fish (! I am not sure yet when it will air, but will let you as soon as I know… you can listen online via their website. Keep your fingers crossed — this could be a HUGE help in terms of getting folks actively involved in supporting our troops!!! There will be a lot of activity in the coming months as we grow and expand our mission of sending our heroes “Love from home!”

Thanks everyone, for all you do for our soldiers. YOU ARE THE BEST!

Yes, you are the best helpers I’ve known. I do appreciate so very much everything you do for our troops. Have a nice day, and God bless you.

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May 15, 2008

Operation Love From Home ALERT

Filed under: Gratitude, Love, ota, otb, supplies, support, Troops — Rosemary Welch @ 10:52 pm

I need everyone to post about this. Kat is having her annual Fouth of July ‘Thank you’ card run, and she only has 500 cards so far. We can do better than this! She will be on the radio tomorrow at 2-3 pm EST at station AFB Radio with CJ CajunLady. Please tune in. The link to the station is America’s Freedom Broadcast Radio. On the left-hand side there is a ‘Listen now’ button. Just click on it.

The link to this radio program is AFB Radio. The link to Kat’s site is Operation Love From Home. The last day she can accept any UNSEALED ‘Thank you’ cards is June 14, 2008. Remember, they have to be read and mailed. They are read as a precaution. This is not a dating service, so don’t send love cards please!

Kat has done so much for our troops, and all we have to do is mail her some “Thank you” cards. That’s it. It’s that simple. I’m sure you all know people who would like to contribute. Don’t you remember those leftover cards you put in a drawer somewhere? Now you can use them! Not that I’m saying leftovers are okay but if that’s all you have, please send them. Help us to help her reach 5000 cards. Help her to help our men and women in uniform. Show them that you still support them.

All ‘Thank you’ cards must be signed and UNSEALED. Mail these cards to:

Mrs. Kathy Orr
P.O. Box 1660
Loganville, Georgia 30052

If you have any questions, please contact her at LoveFromHome AT Gmail DOT com. Her site is Operation Love From Home. If you listen to the radio program, you may notice that the deadline is June 7. She has extended it, so don’t worry about being wrong. Thank you for all your support, and you may copy this if you like. 😉

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May 13, 2008

Talon: Congrats Patti! and Vietnam Vets Memorial Fund

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Yesterday I submitted two articles to Talon, a milblog, which have been published. They are cross-posted here so you can read them, but you really should visit this new site. This is its third week posting, and there is such a variety of issues that I’m sure will interest you. Go ahead. Mine are over there. Enjoy!

Congrats Patti! ‘America’s Favorite Mom’.

Our very own Patti Patton-Bader has been voted ‘America’s Favorite Mom’! Let me go back to the beginning. Many of you already know Patti, but there are many who do not. This is for them.

Patti started out sending care packages to her son who was fighting this war. He noticed that some of his buds were not receiving any letters or anything. He mentioned this to his Mother, and she was on it like white on rice. In the beginning, I remember reading about her at Blackfive’s. She had e-mailed him to ask if there were any people interested in writing letters and sending care packages. Remember at this time we were all looking for a way we could contribute to the effort and the troops.

Well. It didn’t take long before this poor woman was probably overwhelmed! She never complained. She never said a word about it except, ‘Thank you!’ This was back in ate 2004 or early 2005. She now has over 200,000 volunteers who write letters, send care packages, meets the troops when they arrive home, and provides extra needs for families for families who have to travel to the hospital and much more. Yes, she certainly has been our Soldiers’ Angel.

We started voting for her back in March. This was the first part of the contest to qualify. She oblivious qualified. Then we were given another opportunity to vote again this past week, starting with Monday when she, along with two other very qualified Military Moms, were on NBC’s morning program. (Forgive me for not remembering the name of it. That’s proof that I don’t watch it! lol) There were five days with three women from each category last week.

Then on Sunday night, the winner was announced. Patti was very humbled. She does, however, have plans for that $250,000.

Humbled by the honor, Patti is thrilled to be able to use it to continue the Soldiers’ Angels mission of “May No Soldier Go Unloved.” As the grand prize winner, she will receive $250,000, a set of household appliances, and other valuable items. Patti hopes to apply the winnings to her plans for a small ranch that will allow newly returned soldiers to relax with their families after deployments.

“I really am lucky to know so many heroes in my life,” said Patti, who herself has two sons in the Army, one currently deployed to Iraq. “Whether they are the troops who serve our country or the amazing mothers here on this America’s Favorite Mom program, I am honored to be in the presence of such inspirational people and also am humbled to know that America thinks the same of me.”

Patti is also excited about the opportunities this platform gives her to help people learn more about America’s military heroes and options for supporting them and their families. The attention she has received through the America’s Favorite Mom events has already drawn a number of new volunteers who want to use their talents and connections to help support the troops.

This is wonderful news! New volunteers, money to help the troops, and she has been honored in a way she deserves. All in all, this is a wonderful blessing. Congratulations Patti!

Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Wall Fund.

Congrats Patti! and Vietnam Vets Memorial FundI wonder how many people understand that the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is the only military memorial that the government had nothing to do with its erection? That is correct. Not one red cent. Nice of them to treat our Veterans in such a disgusting manner. Welcome to the Army? Not at that time! Thank God it did not remain this way with the attitude toward those who’ve sworn to put themselves in harms way for our sake. We are strangers to most of these men and women, yet that makes no matter to them. So should we make it matter when called upon by duty to help if and when can? Yes, we should.

That brings me to a radio program I heard at 3:44 am on May 9, 2008. Rusty Humphry was speaking with Holly Rotondi about upcoming events where the keynote speaker will be General George Casey on Memorial Day at 1 pm. Their contact number is (202) 393-0090 and an e-mail address for all who are interested is Memorial Day is May 26, 2008 this year. I have sent an e-mail to confirm the date and receive more information, so please keep up with this. You may also e-mail Holly yourself, if you wish.

General Casey’s father was killed in Vietnam. It has been determined that four more men have died due to causes they received during fighting in the War, and they have been added to The Wall recently. This brings the total to 58,260 people who gave their life‘s** so that we may remain free from communism. Now we must continue the fight to keep it out of our schools, politics, our country.

This new site (to me) is quite remarkable. Here are some of things that they do:

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund has many special events, ceremonies and programs focused on preserving the legacy of The Wall, promoting healing and educating about the effects of the Vietnam War.

The so-called end of the war was 25 years ago, and it was remembered last November 4, 2007. Many people still have a desire to understand the Vietnam War, and they have around 4 million visitors per year. They would like to put a face to the names on The Wall. We do not want our Heroes to go faceless, without any remembrance of who they were and how they lived.

Since this was never taxpayer funded, it will cost at least $75-100 million more dollars from donations for this project. Time-Warner has already pledged $10 million dollars. This money will go towards an educational center as well. [I am neither endorsing nor not endorsing this, I am just reporting what I heard.]

This is also on behalf of the Sons and Daughters of those who were taken too soon. The link to this site is It appears to be a good site to me, but you should always check every site for yourself. Thank you, and have a very blessed day.

**I know this word is spelled ‘lives’, but I wanted to individualize each and everyone of them. They have earned at least that much.

PS. I have received an e-mail from Holly, and it has some information you may like.

The annual Memorial Day Observance at The Wall, co-hosted by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and the National Park Service, will be held on Monday, May 26 at 1:00 p.m. at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. The ceremony will feature a keynote address by Army Chief of Staff General George W. Casey, Jr. whose father -George William Casey, Sr.- is remembered on 9 West, Row 126 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

For more information on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Center, visit our website at: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.

She responded promptly, which gives people props in my book. IMHO.

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May 1, 2008

To All Enemies of the USA

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Foreign and domestic.

‘Nuf said.

Hat tip: American Infidel who informed where to find this pic at MizGeminiStarz’s Blog.

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April 30, 2008

Cougar Squadron Kicks Off Raider Typhoon

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Friday, 25 April 2008
By Staff Sgt. Brent Williams
1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division

FORWARD OPERATING BASE FALCON — Knocking on doors; greeting the family; talking about politics, the neighbors or just the weather over a hot cup of overly sweet chai – a pleasant side of operations for Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers who have operated in the southeastern Rashid District for the past eight months.

For Soldiers of “Fox,” Company F, 2nd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, attached to the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, MND-B, interpersonal relations, consensus information and the pictures they create are the biggest contributors to the safety and security of the citizens living in the Saha and Abu T’shir communities of southern Baghdad.

“We want to build a relationship to give the people a normal life – to bring the resources into the community,” said Lt. Col. Scott Reineke, commander, 2nd “Cougars” Sqdn., 2nd Stryker Cav. Regt., MND-B. “This is about building relations in Abu T’shir and Saha,” said Reineke to his commanders and staff officers during the unit’s final rehearsal for a three-phase operation that began, April 16, in support of 1st BCT’s Operation Raider Typhoon.

Stationed at Vilseck, Germany, and deployed as part of the “surge” force sent to reinforce security in support of MND-B and Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Stryker infantry unit, will handover their areas of responsibility [AOR] to the troops of 7th Sqdn., 10th Cav. Regt., 1st BCT, 4th Inf. Div., in May.

In the meantime, the Soldiers of Co. F, occupying a combat outpost in northeast Rashid, want to take a few more bad guys off the streets before they leave Baghdad. “We are conducting point operations to improve security for the people of Iraq,” said Capt. Kevin Ryan, commander, Co. F, 2nd Sqdn., 2nd Stryker Cav. Regt. “Once security improves, we can focus on improving the quality of life for the people of Abu T’shir and southeastern Rashid.”

The ongoing clearing operations are part of 1st “Raider” BCT’s first effort since assuming its mission, April 13, to deny terrorists and criminal elements a safe haven in the area that is home to approximately 1.2 million citizens in Baghdad. The three-phased operation is reminiscent of the same work that the squadron has undertaken since the unit assumed responsibility for the area in August, said Ryan, a native of Quincy, Mass., and a graduate of the Citadel Military Academy, S.C.

Soldiers conducted pinpoint raids, April 16-17, acting on military intelligence and information from Sons of Iraq (Abna al-Iraq), to capture some of MND-B’s most wanted terrorists and criminals, said Ryan, who is on his third deployment to Iraq.

The units then transitioned into the second phase of their operations, conducting ongoing atmospherics in the neighborhoods, working with the SoI, the sheiks, and members of the local community, to gather data with the intent to build better relations with the predominately Shia and mixed Sunni-Shia communities, he explained. “People who are sitting on the fence, and don’t know which way to go, will go our way just because we talked with them,” Ryan explained. “If we do this right, we will build relationships with the people which will empower them to be able to keep these bad guys from coming back into their neighborhoods.”

Conducting census operations, checkpoint inspections, joint patrols, combined operations and traffic control points with Iraqi security forces is nothing out of the ordinary for the Stryker Soldiers, said Sgt. 1st Class Roberto Huie, a platoon sergeant assigned to Co. F, 2nd Sqdn., 2nd Stryker Cav. Regt. “Us walking through the neighborhoods – that is an everyday thing,” he explained. Early morning operations hunting down 1st BCT’s most wanted criminals is just an added bonus for the ‘Fox’ Soldiers, said Huie, a 19-year veteran, who hails from Brooklyn, N.Y., and is the company’s acting first sergeant while his senior non-commissioned officer is on environmental leave.

“Our preferred method is to knock, and 90 percent of the people are more than willing to let us in,” stated Huie. “Conversely, if we find a house that looks suspicious to us, or a family that looks suspicious to us, and they don’t want to let us in their house, sometimes we have to cut their locks. “We may not see the results in the next three weeks, but I think this (operation) is going to generate a lot of tips and a lot more leads … and eventually we will get them,” added Huie. “Whether the people like it or not, we are coming through their whole neighborhood to get these criminals off the streets.”

The company’s mission has varied greatly during their time as a “surge unit” operating in southern Baghdad since August of 2007, said Huie. The Fox Soldiers have worked throughout Saha and Abu T’shir in southeastern Rashid to assist with essential services, force protection for Iraqi contractors to fix sewage or electricity issues in the Iraqi mulhallas (neighborhoods), as well as providing over watch for ISF and SOI manning checkpoints, providing security for the local communities, he said.

Staff Sgt. Scott Campbell, squad leader, Co. F, 2nd Sqdn., 2nd Stryker Cav. Regt., said that he hopes to see more changes for the better as the unit prepares to leave Baghdad for the unit’s future mission in Baquaba. “There’s a better peace now, than there was before the ‘surge,’” said Campbell, a native of Orlando.

Campbell a veteran of 11 years, said that in three deployments in support of OIF, from 2003 to today, he has seen many changes, especially in the security situation around southern Baghdad. “I think that when we go around and meet the locals and get to know them better on a personal basis, they become more at ease with us,” he explained. “The more we get to talk with them the better they trust us; the more they like us.”

Campbell said that in addition to improving security, units must continue to work to improve the infrastructure to better meet the needs of the Iraqi people. “They need to improve faster,” he said. “Iraqis need to start pushing a lot more effort into rebuilding their infrastructure; power, water, medical treatment, jobs, ways to create jobs. Stuff that could be making them money is not making them money right now, and I believe that we need to pursue those endeavors more.”

The Cougars will begin their third phase of the operations in May, as they begin to transition the Abu T’shir and Saha neighborhoods to 7th Sqdn., 10th Cav. Regt., 1st BCT, 4th Inf. Div., MND-B.

Freedom Facts: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ $288.5 million hospital program includes 25 renovation projects at 20 hospitals that focus on children’s and maternity care. Two new hospitals also are being constructed in Basrah and Maysan provinces. Currently, we have completed 17 of the projects, with the remaining eight (8) renovations expected to be completed by May 2008..

Source: Multi-National Force – Iraq.

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